6.10 Sins of Omission – 8/11/91

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S6 E10 (8 Nov 91) : Sins of Omission by Bryan Elsley

Episode Summary

William Ellis, who was due to take Kelly’s intermediate report, informs Charlie of her suicide. The team are devastated, especially Duffy and Ash, who are shocked to learn she was on antidepressants.

A cheery elderly lady, Eliza, who has a heart condition, is brought in after collapsing in a shopping centre. Ash is on half hour observation but as it gets busy, when he finally goes to see her, she’s had a seizure and dies.

A kit-car designer, Jeff, with money problems takes a reluctant insurance man, James, on a test run in his new prototype car. It crashes and his wife, Jenny, is furious with him. Jeff suffers a broken leg, whereas James has multiple injuries.

A 15 year old by, David, returns to his home after six months living rough. His Mum, Cris, and her boyfriend, Mick, aren’t pleased to see him and after a row with Mick, he is pushed through a glass door and then thrown out. He turns up at A&E, Trish is called and tries to persuade his mother to take him back, but she leaves.

When the lifts break down, porters are forced to use the basements, where Jimmy discovers a man, Alex, has been squatting there for a month. Alex makes a nuisance of himself by dressing as a porter, Jimmy befriends him and lets him come home with him.

Duffy’s babysitter calls in sick, leaving Paul to look after her son, they argue after her shift, when he couldn’t get any work done.


* Eliza Johnstone – old lady has a seizure and dies.

* Jeff Dryden – broken leg after his kit-car crashes.

* James Dixon – insurance man in kit-car crash – multiple injuries.

* David Williamson, aged 19 – pushed through glass door.

First Scene/words

Kit-car designer, Jeff, is driving fast along track. Wife, Jenny, looks out worriedly as he waves. In A&E;

Charlie : (on phone) Thanks Andrew, we owe you one

Norma : (to patients) If it says 3 hours on the display then I’m afraid that is what it’ll be, there’s nothing I can do.

Last Scene/words

Charlie : Fancy a pint?

Jimmy : Yes! Nah not tonight Charlie I can’t, I’ve got a friend staying.

Charlie : Anyone we know?

Jimmy : Yes.

Charlie : Sweet dreams.

Jimmy : Ready?

Charlie : Oh Home James, eh?

Notable Facts

* Kelly overdosed on antriptalene and vodka.

* Jeff spent his £30,000 redundancy on the kit-car.

Screencaps : S6 E10

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