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HC Past Series

S4 E02

S4 E2 (16 Oct 01) : Ghosts by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Meyer, still recovering from his life-saving operation, is moved from Keller to Darwin Ward at the insistence of Chrissie. However, Meyer cannot stay in bed and Chrissie berates him when she finds him catching up on paperwork in his office. With the help of Stan, Meyer leaaves the hospital as he feels his team can’t concentrate and get on with their jobs with him around to ‘fuss’ over. ‘My exit will be greeted with a degree of annoyance’ says Meyer to Stan. ‘Don’t feel you have to fall on your sword. I want no recrimations directed towards you. Blame me entirely.’

But before he leaves, Alex complains to him about the attitude of his locum Alistair. ‘He has a serious attitude problem. He delights in trying to put me down,’ says Alex. There is little consolation from Meyer. ‘There have been times when I’ve made people feel very small. Keeps them on their toes. Have you ever considered why Mr Taylor is talking to you in this way?’

It’s Sandy’s 20th birthday and Danny, Liam and Keri take her out to a pub and, later, end up back at Liam and Danny’s flat. Sandy thinks she’s in with a chance with Liam but Liam thinks otherwise. He and Keri are very drunk and have been getting closer all night. Things get a bit heated in Liam’s bedroom and despite Keri’s reservations, he encourages her to carry on. Keri wakes up later, realising what’s happened – she blacked out. She knows that things have gone further than intended and leaves the house devestated.

Alistair and Alex operateon Luka. Marija is unnerved when faced with the Patient Services Officer about her eligibility for NHS care. She confides in Danny that she’s illegal and is worried the immigration will be notified. Danny tries to reassure her that everything will be all right, but once Luka is out of danger she leaves the hospital with him. Danny is distraught when he realises she has left.


Anton Meyer

Luka Ovcar, a young boy with an infection

Beth Pearson, a woman that needs heart surgery to fix her aorta. After the surgery she asks Sam with help to write a will and she ends up giving everything to a girl she found abandoned outside the hospital years ago. Sam conctacts the girl, who comes to meet Beth, hoping it might be her lost mother, but after they’ve met Beth deteriorates and dies

Jason White is a young man who finds out that his cancer has spread, something that his girlfriend finds too difficult to handle

First Scene/words

[Chrissie is on the way to work, when her boyfriend appears]

Chrissie: What are you doing here?

Russell Jones: I’m checking that you’re still alive.

Chrissie: Why wouldn’t I be.

You didn’t show up last night.

Chrissie: I never said I was gonna show up. Why did you think would I?

Cos I thought…. I thought we were seeing each other.

Chrissie: We had a couple of nights of fun, who said anything about turning into Posh and Becks?

So when can I see you again?

Chrissie: Never!

Last Scene/words

[Slowly Keri picks up her stuff, scared that she might wake Liam up, and walks away, crying]

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