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Cas Series

S20 E07

S20 E7 (15 Oct 05) : All’s Fair in Love and War by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Abs is suspicious when he cannot get through to Tess. He speaks to a psychiatric nurse who warns him that Fleur is extremely devious. Sam returns home and Fleur tells him Tess is drunk and passed out so she has cancelled the party. When he hears Tess fall off the bed he worries and wants to call for help. Fleur confesses she has drugged Tess and lies saying that Tess wanted to section Sam. Abs, Nina and Sarah arrive and when they force their way in, Fleur barracades her, Sam and Tess in the bedroom and tries to persuade Sam to take an overdose with her. Abs manages to gain entry to the room as Fleur tries to kill Tess. After the event, Abs tries to persuade Sam to seek help and get back on his medication.

After the incident, Nina tells Sarah that she still loves Abs. Abs and Nina make up and realise they don’t want to lose eachother.

Woody is all set to turn Si into the police, but needs his help when they see a man, Tommy, stuck on an iron railing. Harry is also called out to rescue Tommy. Meanwhile, Woody decides to let Si go and decides to contact Susan. She says there’s a chance Matt is not his son and that he’s too flaky to be responsible, but Woody persuades her to let him see Matt.

Guppy is upset about being disowned by his family. When he tries to phone his mother, it’s clear she has been told what to say by Jas.

A woman, Cora, is brought in with an obstructive bowel. Her frantic son, Philip, is convinced she has cancer but after tests, Guppy reassures them she has a hernia.

Josh investigates the ladies toilets after complaints of a foul smell. He discovers the body of a dead woman, who’s been there for many hours. Josh is upset that no-one is made to be responsible for the incident.


* Tommy – stuck on iron railing

* Cora Reilly – hernia

* Dead woman – found in toilets, overdose

Notable Facts

* Thomas Law plays Matt Haddon.

* Angry at Abs attitude, Nina says to him ‘You’re a bigoted homophobe’.

* Ellen tries to tell Abs that Nina still loves him ‘Nina’s no more a lesbian than I am a rugby player!’ – she advises him to get a grip!

* Psychiatric nurse, Joey, tells Abs ‘She’s as devious as they come!’ referring to Fleur.

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