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Cas Series

S16 E18

S16 E18 (5 Jan 02) : Checking In, Checking Out by Paul Sefton

Episode Summary

Colette is annoyed as her honeymoon photos haven’t come out. After Jack and Nikki’s night together, Jack disappoints Nikki, who was a virgin, by telling her he’s not ready for a relationship. Tony tells him he’s making a mistake, and Jack tries to make amends with flowers. Meanwhile, Anna asks Tony out on a date – he tells her he’s gay. Embarrassed, she makes the wrong impression that he does drugs and one night stands, but later apologises.

Tramp Adam Salter is brought in with severe frostbite to his feet. Philippa and Dillon treat him with hot water before planning to take him to surgery, but Adam wants to discharge himself. Philippa doesn’t care, but Dillon persuades him to stay with the thought of a warm bed and decent food.

Gay Paul O’Sullivan, a friend of Tony’s, is brought in after a night taking cocaine. Philippa and Colette disagree on how to treat him, so Lara steps in to agree with Colette’s diagnoses to shock him.

Reg Newberry is brought in with his wife Louise, after collapsing in the street. Lara discovers he is dying of cancer, and is on a course of chemotherapy. Lara realises Reg is not happy with wasting the last moments of his life in hospital having treatment and persuades him to do what he wishes. His doctor, Dr Yazdoni, is not happy with Lara for sticking her nose in. Reg and Paul talk about life while in CRASH.

A prisoner, Lewis, is brought in with a laceration to his face. Unbeknown to Chloe, the prison officers or staff, he is Chloe’s boyfriend’s brother, and it has all been a set up to escape. Jason turns up in the department, dressed as a porter, and while having a scan – Lewis runs off, leaving the prison officers and Lara trapped in the next room. Jason gets Chloe involved to help them escape through the back of the hospital, they kiss goodbye – not realising it has all been captured on CCTV camera.


* Lewis – Jason’s brother, prisoner – laceration to face.

* Adam Salter – tramp with frostbite to feet.

* Reg Newberry – cancer patient on chemotherapy, collapses outside shop.

* Paul O’Sullivan – collapses after cocaine overdose.

First Scene/ words

Chloe and Jason are in bed, the alarm goes off;

Chloe : Oh shut up!

Jason : What time is it?

Chloe : Go back to sleep hun, I gotta go to work

Jason : Thought you were off today?

Chloe : Yeah so did I, Duffy needed someone and guess who they picked

Jason : Can’t you call in sick or something?

Last Scene/ words

Outside department;

Chloe : I’ll come with you!

Jason : No, I owe you, do you understand that? You helped us so now I’ve got an obligation

Chloe : Honour amongst thieves is it? (they kiss)

Jason : Welcome to the club! (Jason gets into car and drives away, and an upset Chloe doesn’t realise it has all been captured on CCTV camera)

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