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Cas Series

S16 E10

S16 E10 (17 Nov 01) : It’s a Family Affair by Chris Webb

Episode Summary

Duffy is welcomed back with flowers by the team. She is late, stressed and not happy with Colette, who has made changes in her absence. Josh is also glad to have returned to work and thanks Colette for her help in persuading him. Jack is trying to sell tickets for a club night. Lara has a date and Chloe is annoyed with Anna’s concern over her other job and boyfriend, Jason.

It’s Amanda’s birthday and she proposes to Max. Her son, Ben, pleads with him again to give him morphine and tries to blackmail him. Max at first refuses, but then gives him methadone, which he orders from Pharmacy, instead but Ben angrily walks off.

Charlie’s friend Leona comes in with her baby daughter, Charlie, worried about spots that she has. Patrick says it is due to Leona overdressing her. Leona leaves with nappies and wipes freebies, but Duffy is more concerned about the welfare of baby Charlie.

An old woman, Edith, is brought in with a bleeding nose. She tells Chloe she was head butted by Billy and as punishment tied him up in a barn. Comfort and the police are sent round to investigate – and find ‘Billy’ is a billy goat.

Molly is celebrating her eight birthday, when her father, Richard, has to return to his week job away in Manchester. Richard and his wife, Sarah, argue, and as he leaves he accidentally backs the car into Molly. She suffers a broken arm. Spencer, who sees the possible family break up and reminding him of his own broken family, brings the couple back together.

A young boy, Sam, finds his father, Noel’s gun cupboard unlocked and shoots his mother, Julie, in the stomach. She dies in CRASH, Noel is furious with his son. Duffy tells him he must look to the future now with Sam, without blame.

And a man, Joe, who complains at the waiting time, finally gets treated by Colette for a cut finger – and faints at the sight of the needle.

The woman from Pharmacy queries the methadone order with Patrick, who then confronts Max – who abruptly tells him he is the Consultant and makes the decisions. Charlie complains to Jan about security – Jan reminds him they are on the same side. Duffy breaks down infront of Charlie, as she misses Andrew – Charlie comforts her and says he will be there for her. Patrick asks Lara out for a drink, she reminds him she has a date and drives off in a sports car with him, Dillon tells Patrick he has lost his chance.

Chloe is entertaining one of Jason’s clients, Steve, at his club, who doubts her opinions of Jason. Max accepts Amanda’s marriage proposal and as they head off for dinner – Ben has stolen her birthday present ear-rings to pay for drugs.


* Charlie – Leona’s baby daughter comes in with rash – Patrick says she is being overdressed.

* Molly Hunter – 8 year old girl with broken arm after her dad accidentally backs car into her.

* Julie Wharton – dies after being shot in the abdomen by her son.

* Sam Wharton – 5 year boy minor head injuries.

* Joe Clarke – cut to finger.

* Edith Richmond – severe nose bleed after being head butted by a billy goat.

First Scene/ words

Chloe is in bed with her boyfriend Jason;

Chloe : I’ve got to go! Let go!

Jason : Come back to bed Chloe

Chloe : Can’t, I promised Charlie I’d do those extra hours for him.

Jason : Just make sure you get off on time, I need you at the club.

Last Scene/ words

Ben takes drugs in a club toilet/ Noel leaves A&E with his son Sam in his arms, Duffy walks with them, Finn winks at Sam;

Duffy : You be a good boy Sam (Noel and Sam get into police car) Good luck!

Notable Facts

* Leona tells Patrick she has changed her baby’s name from ‘Charlie Patricia’ to ‘Charlie Britney’.

* Chloe has a rose tattoo on her chest.

* Max takes Amanda to an expensive restaurant at ‘Marios’

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