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Cas Series

S13 E12

S13 E12 (14 Nov 98) : Home Truths by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

Sean is across the road from the hospital entrance. He steps out as a car is coming, but Tina comes up and stops him in time. He’s there to meet Max. Tina gives him some advice and says, “Nice haircut!”

A young woman (Sally) parks her car in a multi-storey car park. She is with a young girl (Alice) who has a dentist’s appointment. Sally goes to the ticket machine but it isn’t working. Alice is a the top of soem concrete stairs, hurrying her up. (Alice calls her “Sally”).

Charlie asks if anyone’s seen Mark. Sean comes in and everyone wishes him luck; Chloe comments on his hair.Mark comes out of a hotel with Pam Wilson; he tries to put her off when she talks about seeing him tonight, and complains that he’s late. She asks what’s wrong and he says they shouldn’t have done it. She says there’s no rule against it. He lets her know he wants to leave it at that; she tells him she’s not working any more. He asks if they can talk later; she tells him to forget it.

Alice is standing at the top of the stairs, looking out of the window. She reaches up with her doll and stands on her tiptoes. Sally sees her and runs across in front of a car which stops and sounds its horn; Alice looks round and overbalances, falling down the stairs.

Tina notices a bloodstain on Sean’s tie. Max asks George if she’s OK on her own and tells her to bleep him if he’s needed. Mark arrives and apologises to Charlie for being late; Charlie says they’ll talk later. Sean asks if anyone’s got a spare tie and Charlie gives him his.Sunny is doing a crossword and reads out a clue: “The country containing Transylvania, 7 letters, 2nd letter O”. Eve overhears. Amy tells him she has an ante-natal class and he asks if she’s going alone. A woman (Nikki), who’s injured her foot, says she needs a birth partner – she had a friend (Nikki’s son Jake is with her). Sunny offers to go with Amy; she asks him if he’s just trying to impress Nikki but he says he’s serious.

Alice is brought into resusc. Sally is asking if she’s OK, then goes out and asks for a payphone. She phones “Jo” and tells her she should come.

Nikki is calling her son Jake. Sunny brings him to her and asks her what happened.

Sam asks Mark to dish the dirt; he won’t and tells Sam to get on with his work. Charlie calls Mark into his office.

Inside the court building, Max tells Sean not to get wound up as he’s only a witness, he’s not on trial. The solicitor tells them that Mr. Rafferty (Eugene’s father) will be questioning the witnesses himself.

Alice is taken up for a scan. George tells Sally she has a fractured wrist and a small skull fracture. Sally tells her that she’s just Alice’s nanny, and that Alice’s mother is on her way. Tina and Sunny are with Alice. Tina teases Sunny about Nikki. Sunny goes into Max’s office and takes a packet of sweets.

Jo (Alice’s mum) arrives and asks Sally what happened, asking why she wasn’t watching her.Mark asks George if he can have a word with her later. She says it’s his business and there’s no need to explain to her.

Charlie tells George that there is a paediatric bed for Alice but the scanner’s down. He asks what they should do. She says they’ll have to transfer Alice to Broadway General; an anaesthetist has to go with her.

Sunny comes and asks Nikki the results of her X-ray. He gives Jake the sweets.

Mark and Chloe talk about a bash at the pub for Eve. Charlie hears and says she’s only going on holiday; Chloe says Tina thought it would be a nice gesture.

George tells Jo what’s happened with the scanner. Jo blames the hospital. Charlie tells George that the scanner is booked at Broadway but that there is no anaesthetist available until after the time the scanner’s booked for.The court inquiry into the death of Eugene Rafferty begins.

Jake is on the balcony above reception, eating some sweets but dropping most on the people below.

Charlie and George discuss what to do about Alice. Charlie says they’ll have to wait; George says they can’t. Eve asks about her work as an anaesthetist – she did six months. She decides to go with Alice herself and call Max out of court. Max is bleeped; he goes out to phone, then comes back and tells Sean that he has to go.

Alice is talking to Sally. Jo comes in. Sally asks her if she wants to stand where she is, closer to Alice, but Alice holds on to Sally. George comes in and says that they are going. She says that Jo can come in the ambulance. Alice wants Sally to go with her. George says that it would be best if they both followed by car.Sunny asks Sam if he thinks Nikki’s interested in him. Sam offers to have a word with her. Sunny objects. Sam goes into the cubicle and tells Nikki she can go home and that Sunny will show her the way. She notices that Jake has gone.

A man (Ian Fisher) brings his son Tom into A&E with a nosebleed.

Sunny wheels Nikki to reception, looking for Jake. He sees a sweet on a chair, looks up and sees Jake, then goes up to get him. He brigns him down to Nikki; she mentions Jake’s dad and Sunny asks about him; they’ve never lived together. She asks him out and gives him her phone number on a post-it note. Sam comes up and tells Sunny in a camp voice that it’s his turn to make dinner tonight, and also that he’s needed in the cubicles, and puts his hand on Sunny’s shoulder. Sunny gets up and bumps into someone bringing some files to reception. She picks up the files along with the note which has stuck to one.

Josh gives Amy an envelope containing money to give to Duffy when they meet later. Penny sees and asks what it is.

Eve stops Tom Fisher’s nosebleed. She takes his shirt off to reveal lots of bruises. Tom’s mum (Louise) arrives, and she thinks that Ian gave him the bruises.Sunny is looking for the note. It is on the files on Amy’s desk, but she doesn’t see it.

In court, Eugene’s friend is giving evidence. He tells them how the injury happened. He says that Eugene told them he had a headache and double vision, but no treatment was offered. Sean is called to the witness stand.

Ian tells Eve he didn’t touch Tom. They are carrying out test to see if there is a medical reason for the bruises. He says that he and his wife are separated and he doesn’t see Tom much; he was looking after him this week while his wife was away. He tells her he wouldn’t lay a finger on Tom.

The ambulance carrying Alice is stuck in traffic. George and Josh talk about not wanting Max’s job; Penny remarks that Josh could do with the money.Sean tells the court that Eugene was drunk and was abusive to a female nurse. He admits that he dealt with Eugene quickly to remove him from the department.

In the car, following the ambulance, Sally says sorry to Jo. Jo says that things should change. Sally talks about Alice clinging to her. Jo says it’s got nothing to do with her. Penny gets out and tells them they are going to push through the traffic.

Sean admits that if he’d been less busy he night have sent Eugen for an X-ray, in which case he would have had treatment. Mr. Rafferty asks what Eve said and blames Sean for Eugene’s death.

Sally asks Jo what she’s going to do about her and Alice growing apart. Inthe ambulance, Alice complains htat she doesn’t feel well.

The court adjourns while the coroner considers the verdict.

Some of the Tom’s blood tests are back; they are normal. Charlie asks eve if he should call Social Services; she says no, as she doesn’t believe it was Ian. Charlie jokes that she’s going soft; she says no-one’s ever said that to her before. She goes in to tom and tells Louise that the tests they’ve got back are normal. Louise is certain that it was Ian who gave him the bruises.

George radios in from the abmulance, wanting to speak to Max. Alice is vomiting and is drowsy and irritable; George is wondering whether to turn back. She gets worse and they pull in to treat her. (The car stops too). They treat her and decide to set off again but she stops breathing. They need to put a tube down. George tries; she gets the tube in but there is no air entry and she realises it’s gone down the oesophagus. She tries again, with Josh giving her advice, and gets it in.

Sean says sorry to Mrs. Rafferty for what she’s been through. They are called back in for the verdict.Eve shows Charlie the rest of Tom’s results: his blood is not clotting properly. Eve tells him she has checked the records; Tom has not been brought in before but Ian was in five months ago. Eve thinks he may have been given some medication which prevents the blood clotting and that Tom has got hold of it.

Sam says sorry to Sunny for what he did with Nikki. He suggests looking at her medical records for her address but Sunny tells him that she said she has moved recently.Eve tells Ian that Tom’s blood is not clotting and asks if he was given any medication when he came in before. Louise comes in. He tells Eve which drug he was given and says that he found Tom in the bathroom cupboard (where he keeps the medicine) a couple of days ago. He didn’t think that Tom might have taken anything; he just cleared up the mess.

Alice arrives at Broadway General and is taken for treatment.

The note is still stuck to a file, which is in a pile taken by a nurse out of Charlie’s office.

Tom is taken into the lift; Eve says he’ll be OK. Ian comes up and Louise ignores him. He asks not to be shut out. The lift door closes; Louise is inside. Then it opens again and Louise tells him to go home; she’ll ring him.Sam picks up the files with the note on. It falls off as he walks throught reception.

Sally tells Chloe she pretends to be Alice’s mum at school. Chloe says it’s not her fault that Alice clings to her.

George gets Alice’s CT results – they’re not good. She goes in to tell Jo. Jo comes out to Sally. She tells her that Alice has had a brain haemorrage and is having emergency surgery. Sally says sorry and Jo says that it wasn’t her fault. She takes her hand and they hug each other.

Charlie says well done to Eve for how she handled Tom Fisher’s case. He wishes her a good holiday and says that they’ll miss her.

Max is puzzled by the missing sweets. He comes out of his office and meets Sean, who nods and smiles with relief.

Pam comes into reception as the staff are waiting to go to the party. Mark comes up to her and they leave together as George comes in.

Sean comes down to reception with Max and tells them that the verdict was “misadventure”. He says the coroner had a bit of a go at the department and criticised staffing levels but that’s all. They go to the staffroom and tell Eve about the party, and set off. Sean goes for a wash first. Max asks George about Alice. Eve picks up Sunny’s paper and tells him that the missing answer in his crossword is Romania. They leave. The note is on the floor and a cleaner picks it up and throws it away.

Mr. Rafferty comes in as Sean is having a wash. Sean says he’s sorry for what happened. Mr. Rafferty tells him that he’ll be hearing from his solicitor, as they are starting civil action against him for negligence.


– Alice Bishop, a 9-year-old girl that falls down some concrete stairs, has to be transferred to Broadway General with a brain haemorrage

– Nicola Bishop, Nikki, a young woman who has sprained her foot, Sunny tries to fix a date with her

-Tom Fisher, a little boy with nosebleed and bruises, has accidentally overdosed on some drugs his father was prescribed that stop the blood from clotting

First scene/words

[Sean is walking on his way to work. He is about to cross the street even though a car is coming.]

Tina: Hey! Saved your life.

Sean: I was a million miles away.

Tina: I thought you were going to court.

Sean: I’ll meet Max first.

Tina: Hey, don’t be nervous.

Sean: I’m not!

Tina: Just don’t go in there to impress the coroner, they hate that sort of thing.

Sean: How come you know so much about it?

Tina: Nice haircut!

Last Scene/words

Mr Rafferty: That was a good result result for you, doctor, a real piece of luck. Either that, or the coroner… You all watch each other’s backs, don’t you?

Sean: What do you want me to say, Mr Rafferty? I’m sorry about what happened to your son…

Mr Rafferty: I thought at first that maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was all a mistake, but… Not that simple, is it? So just, before you go, I want you to know you’ll be hearing from my solicitor.

Sean: What?

Mr Rafferty: We’re starting a civil action against you. For negligence. Goodnight, Dr Maddox.

Notable Facts

– Ian Kelsey plays Tom’s father.

Review by Alison & Karin

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