3.02 Too Much Too Young – 12/10/00

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s3e2S3 E2 (12 Oct 00) : Too Much Too Young by Michael Jenner

Episode Summary

Victoria is upset to learn she is to be moved to the paediatrics Otter Ward, having put in a request to stay on Meyer’s team. He thinks it will be a good experience for her.

Fearful patient Michelle comes in convinced she has ovarian cancer after her mother died of the condition. Jasmine’s traumatic past helps her care for her. Michelle asks to have her ovaries removed whilst Jasmine and Tash argue over her case.

Mouthy teenager Adrian is brought onto the children’s ward with an arm injury after being pushed out of a window. Staff are shocked when an older woman who comes to visit him, is having a relationship with him. Victoria decides to give her a stern warning.

Young girl Siobhan is in need of a liver transplant. Her father wishes to be a live donor, but his problem with alcohol put pays to this. Siobhan’s brother, Liam, is a match but their mother is reluctant to let him be involved however Liam is determined to do the transplant.


  • Michelle Kash – wants ovaries removed for fear of cancer
  • Adrian Kirkwall – arm injury
  • Siobhan Duggan – needs liver transplant


Notable Facts

  • Lee Ryan from boyband Blue plays Adrian Kirkwall
  • Clive Wood plays Siobhan’s father Niall Duggan


“I prefer any blood on these walls to come from the patients!” Meyer

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