S26 E41.1

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S26 E41.1 (21 Jul 12) : The Kids Aren’t Alright by Matt Redd

Episode Summary

Jeff and Dixie take stock of their marital situation as riots rage around their immobile ambulance.

As they try to tend to injured looters, a rioter, JJ, escapes from the police and takes refuge in the back of their ambulance.  Riled, Jeff approaches JJ and a scuffle breaks out injuring the older man.  JJ begs them not to call the police but Jeff is determined to give him a piece of his mind.  The young rioter escapes but severely slashes his head in the process.

As Dixie tends to Jeff’s injury, he reveals that he’s feeling guilty because he hasn’t been in touch with his kids for a while.   And the reason for that is because he hasn’t found a way to explain to them the real reason he married Dixie.  Shocked to hear this, Dixie persuades him to pick up the phone.

Meanwhile as the violence draws ever closer, the paramedics are forced to pick up their medical bags and head out into the night.

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