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18/9/99 – 25/3/00

Episode Listing

  • S14 E1 (18 Sep 99) : Calm Before the Storm (Part 1) by Simon Mirren
  • S14 E2 (19 Sep 99) : Calm Before the Storm (Part 2) by Simon Mirren
  • S14 E3 (25 Sep 99) : Truth or Dare by Tony McHale
  • S14 E4 (2 Oct 99) : Words and Deeds by Ben Cooper
  • S14 E5 (9 Oct 99) : Crossroads by Tony McHale
  • S14 E6 (16 Oct 99) : Lost Souls by Andrew Rattenbury
  • S14 E7 (23 Oct 99) : Everybody Hurts by Katharine Way
  • S14 E8 (30 Oct 99) : Seeing the Light by Katharine Way
  • S14 E9 (6 Nov 99) : Off the Wall by Len Collin
  • S14 E10 (13 Nov 99) : Benny and the Vets (Part 1) by Chris Murray
  • S14 E11 (14 Nov 99) : Benny and the Vets (Part 2) by Chris Murray
  • S14 E12 (20 Nov 99) : Sins of the Mother by Jeff Povey
  • S14 E13 (27 Nov 99) : Looking After Number One by Nick Saltrese
  • S14 E14 (4 Dec 99) : To Have and to Hold by Sam Wheats
  • S14 E15 (11 Dec 99) : Free Fall by Andrew Rattenbury
  • S14 E16 (18 Dec 99) : Just A Kiss by Graham Mitchell
  • S14 E17 (26 Dec 99) : Peace on Earth by Tony McHale
  • S14 E18 (1 Jan 00) : The Morning After by Christopher Reason
  • S14 E19 (9 Jan 00) : Untouchable by Katharine Way
  • S14 E20 (15 Jan 00) : Fall Out by Ben Cooper
  • S14 E21 (22 Jan 00) : Full On by Jeff Povey
  • S14 E22 (29 Jan 00) : Mirror Image by Sam Wheats
  • S14 E23 (5 Feb 00) : Burned Out Hearts by Susan Boyd
  • S14 E24 (12 Feb 00) : Tough Love by Simon Moss
  • S14 E25 (19 Feb 00) : Not Waving But Drowning by Andrew Rattenbury
  • S14 E26 (26 Feb 00) : Seize the Night by Simon Mirren
  • S14 E27 (4 Mar 00) : Life Support by Barnaby Marshall
  • S14 E28 (11 Mar 00) : Blood Brothers by Graham Mitchell
  • S14 E29 (18 Mar 00) : Being There (Part 1) by Katharine Way
  • S14 E30 (25 Mar 00) : Being There (Part 2) by Katharine Way


New Series Producer Alexei de Keyser brought new ambition and strength to the already popular medical drama. With another increase to 30 episodes and three 2-parters, Casualty delved even deeper into the lives of the Holby staff including Eve’s euthanasia exit, a love triangle between Tina, Sean and Chloe ending in Chloe having an abortion and married Duffy’s brief fling with Max Gallagher. Charlie was not amused by this.

Sam recovered from his fall only to quit nursing and Sunny also later quit after being suspended for hitting a patient. Series 14 also saw some popular newcomers; SHO Holly Miles, Staff Nurse Barney Woolfe and probably Casualty’s most popular medic to date Patrick Spiller joined mid-way through the series.

Casualty took it’s series endings to a new level when it filmed it’s first episode overseas. Tina follows Sean out to Australia to declare her love. ‘When we knew Claire and Gerald were leaving at the end of the series, we could have done it the easy way and killed them both off in a dramatic finale, but we also knew Casualty could be quite dour, with a lot of people dying. We didn’t want to end on a low point. Also Tina has been so often the victim – we wanted to see her come out winning’. While Sean proposed to Tina in the outback, at Holby Holly was getting emotionally involved in a case with her neighbour’s children and Charlie collapsed in the hospital toilets. Casualty couldn’t end without one cliffhanger however. Trying to deal with regular patient Leona, stressed Charlie headed to the toilets and collapsed. We’d have to wait till next series to see if Charlie made it to face another day in Holby.

Joining Cast

Regular Cast

Exiting Cast

Major Guest Characters

  • Leona (Morag Siller) – Regular patient
  • Frank Gallagher (Tobias Menzies) – Max’s son
  • Reuben Hurst (Sam Barriscale) – Adam’s boyfriend
  • Jon Crowe (Ian Fitzgibbon) – Frank’s attacker
  • Matt Tyler (Darren Tighe) – Frank’s attacker
  • Jake Foster (Gregg Pentice) – Holly’s neighbour
  • Gemma Foster (Jade Williams) – Holly’s neighbour
  • Joanne Foster (Tanya Myers) – Holly’s neighbour

Notable Guest Stars

Casualty/ Holby City Guest Appearances

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