14.49 A Crack in the Ice – 18/9/12

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S14 E49 (18 Sep 12) : A Crack in the Ice by Lauren Klee

Episode Summary

Jac is worried that the hospital are gossiping about her and Jonny.  When she sees Ollie and Mo whispering she jumps to conclusions and takes it out on Mo when they have to work together on a case.   She doesn’t need help and her relationship with Jonny doesn’t mean anything.  Will Jac be able to admit the truth?

Max and Eddi have snuck down to the lab for a moment alone.  They are interrupted by none other than Luc.  When Luc discovers Eddi’s found herself a new man he’s quick to assure Sacha he’s only returned for his research documents and will soon be gone.  Sacha begs him to stay, they need his help.  Can Luc work alongside Eddi after everything that’s happened?

It’s Chrissie’s birthday, but she doesn’t want a big song and dance about it, despite Sacha’s desire to spoil her on her big day.  Chrissie’s annoyance mounts as she deals with difficult patients and Chantelle gets underfoot.  Will Chrissie be able to see the bigger picture and enjoy her day?

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