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HC Past Series

S6 E30

Episode Summary

When Jess is on the way home from work, Robert turns up and starts talking to her, asking her to thank Ric for getting him into councelling. Jess makes it clear to him that a reconciliation is not on the cards. When she gets home, she has a long bath and when she hears someone entering the flat, she thinks it is Donna coming home. Donna, however, it tied up at work and it takes a while before Jess realises that the person inside the flat is not Donna. She is shocked to find Robert waiting for her with wine and chocolates. Robert is obviously confused and disturbed and the situation turns nasty; Robert loses it, strikes Jess and gives hints that the accident his girlfriend died in was not an accident. Luckily, Donna returns in time to witness the struggle, which ends with Robert falling through a glass door. Jess realises that he is about to bleed to death, but soon the paramedics arrive (Luke from Casualty) bringing Diane with them. He is rushed into hospital and Ric reluctantly has to save his life – for the second time.

Ric is in court and is given community service for wilfully bankrupting himself. He gets told off and the judge warns him that his crime was serious enough for him to get sent into prison, but seeing as he is a respected surgeon he is more useful working and doing community service. Ric wants to put all his problems into his past, but Jess is upset that he will not accept the seriousness of his prosecution and refuses to let him help her get over her horrible night, preferring Donna’s company.

Mubbs cannot bear to work with Owen after his drunken behaviour. There is considerable tension between them and neither of them misses a chance to complain about each other and make snide remarks. Owen does apologise at the end of the shift, but before that they have gone through the whole shift disagreeing about everything, in particular about who should treat Rosanna Webb, a young woman with an ectopic pregnancy caused by syphilis and who has an annoying boyfriend, who refuses to listen to them, but instead insists on chatting up Mickie, while Rosanna is in theatre losing her baby.

Chantelle Mills is meant to be having a concert in the night with some agents from London coming to listen at her, but instead she ends up in hospital with a suspected appendicitis. She is in lots of pain and apparently has been for a while, but her mother has kept dismissing it as her having stomach pains because she is nervous. Once in theatre, Ric realises that she is suffering from Crohn’s disease and parts of her bowel need to be removed.


Chantelle Mills, 19, Crohn’s disease

Rosanna Webb, 23, ectopic pregnancy caused by syphilis

Robert Pullman, injuries after falling through a glass door

First Scene/words

[Ric is in court]

Judge: Mr Griffin, you pleaded guilty. For a crime of this size, a prison sentence is recommended.

[Zubin arrives and accidentally drops something while taking a seat]

Zubin: Sorry.

Judge: The fact is, you contributed to your own bankrupty through gambling. Your debts are more than 150,000 pounds, almost half of which is owed to bookmakers. In particular a Mr David Morgan of Morgan Sports, who raised your credit limit several times because he “could trust a doctor”.

Last Scene/words

Ric: I know I’ve let other people down and I’m gonna make amends, if I’m given the chance.

Jess: Not today, okay.

Ric: Where are you going?

Jess: To find Donna.

Ric: I thought you wanted to eat.

Jess: Some other time…

Notable Facts

* Casualty’s paramedic Luke Warren appeared in this episode, however a continuity error occured – over in Casualty he had been suspended so shouldn’t have been working!

Screencaps : S6 E30

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