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1.01 Gas – 6/9/86

S1E1S1 E1 (6 Sep 86) : Gas by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

At the Holby Docks, a drum of toxic gas falls on two dockers – one dies and the other suffers a badly burnt leg. Other workers are also poisoned. The team try to identify the substance – Kuba recognises the symptoms from a previous case, because of it’s smell of garlic. At the end of shift the staff congratulate him for saving lives and give him a bunch of flowers, as his were stolen.

Duffy advises a young girl, Sophie, to drink milk after drinking car fluid from her fathers garage. The girl’s mum is interfering and scares Sophie, telling her that ‘nurse has got a needle.’

A stubborn man is being treated by Charlie after being hit on the head with a golf ball. He is not happy with his treatment and says he will complain to Charlie’s boss. Charlie tells the man that he’s his own boss. The man then annoys Baz who pretends that the man has something wrong with him for a joke. When he demands an apology, she tells him to shut up.

Ewart and Susie also have trouble with a regular drunk in the department.


* Oil rigs – before the disaster a docker comes in with a burnt hand. After the accident, 7 dockers are injured, including John Price, who dies in CRASH, and Robert Palmer, who has a severely burnt leg.

* Sophie Jones – young girl, who has been playing in her dad’s garage and drank car fluid.

* Mr Cartwright – gashed head. Complains to Charlie and Baz about the poor service he has received.

* Mr Harris – regular drunk, who wanders around the department causing a disturbance.

First Scene/words

The first scene shows the docks, with the men at work. It moves on to Charlie driving his car to hospital – showing the sites of ‘Holby’. In Holby Reception;

Nurse : (to Susie) Night

Susie : (to Nurse) Night

Duffy : (to Nurse) Night (to Susie) What you done to it this time? (referring to hair colour)

Susie : It’s aubergine, like it?

Duffy : Very nice… that’s a vegetable innit?

Last scene / words

Staff Room; Charlie presents Kuba with flowers

Charlie : And on behalf of my colleagues, I’d like to thank you for finding the chemical and saving lives (staff clap)

Kuba : They are beautiful!

Charlie : Yeah, nicked them from a bed in Lawson’s ward!

(everyone laughs, but Kuba looks disapprovingly)

Notable Facts

* Graham Cole appears as a doctor extra

* Charlie’s first car is a yellow beetle, WBF 589T.

* Baz’s first car is red, A634 GKY.

* The first music to play is Billy Ocean’s ‘Loverboy’, which played on Charlie’s car radio, on his way to work.

* Charlie’s star sign is Taurus

* The case Kuba referred to was farm laborer poisoned in 1979, by the toxin parofyin.

* Duffy reveals to Ewart, she has just been dumped by her boyfriend ‘Cesar’.

* Megan gossips in the staff room, saying Ewart listens to ‘Richard Claderman – Moody Moments’ on his walkman.

* A police sergeant tells Ewart in confidence that Clive has had two drink driving offences.

* Danni Bennett, an old school friend of Baz, was in charge at the docks, and is held responsible for the incident – she is arrested by police.

Screencaps : S1 E1

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