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Cas Series

S13 E10

S13 E10 (31 Oct 98) : It’s Good to Talk by Deborah Cooke

Episode summary

Chloe is putting on make-up in the staffroom. Charlie comes in and asks if she’s looking forward to her day out with the paramedics- she is. He tells her not to get in the way, but to just watch and learn. A patient throws up in reception. Eve tells Chloe to clear in up and goes before Chloe can protest. Tina comes along as she’s mopping up and offers to do it for her so she can go. She takes the mop. Eve asks Tina why Chloe’s not doing the mopping-up, and tells her off when she explains. Charlie comes along and says it doesn’t matter who does it.

A cook (June) in a hotel is complaining about the guests. Sofia Hormuz, a waitress, comes along and she asks her to take some champagne up to one of the suites, and tells her to watch herself. Sofia asks if Jusef is in yet; he isn’t but June says she’ll cover for him. Sofia takes the tray up to the room. A man (John Beecham) answers the door and invites her in. She obviously recognises him and she laughs and goes in. June goes into the cold-store. As she goes out we see someone on the floor.

Josh asks his boss Jeff for an advance on his salary. Jeff says he doesn’t think it’s possible but Josh persuades him to see what he can do. Penny tells Chloe to be patient with Josh, who’s in a bad mood. Chloe says that her mum was on the phone last night, moaning. Chloe is unsympathetic towards her.

Sofia and John are lying on the bed, drinking the champagne. He’s her boss. Jusef is her brother and doesn’t like John. Sofia says he’s just protective of her.June comes into the cold-store. She sees the body on the floor – it’s Jusef.

John tells Sofia he’s doing what her father asked – they needed an invitation to work in order to get a permit. She says she needs to go home, to talk to her father, to tell him face-to-face. She says, “I love you”. His pager goes off, and insincerely he says he loves her.

Amy is being pretty rude to a woman who’s looking for someone who’s just had a baby. She tells Duffy it’s not because she’s being pregnant and weepy, she’s just hacked off with complete idiots. Charlie and George appear from opposite directions and ignore each other. Duffy calls Pam Wilson (the prostitute from S13 E6). Pam and Mark recognise each other.

Charlie and Eve argue about Tina mopping up for Chloe. Mark tells Duffy he’ll see to Pam. Duffy tells Charlie he can’t carry on being frosty with George forever. Mark is cleaning up Pam’s cuts. He asks how it happened, and where the guy who looked after her (Tony) is. She says he’s in prison. Mark makes a joke and they have a laugh together.

An elderly man, Dr. James Baker complains about the surgery closing. His daughter Theresa mentions moving, but he changes the subject, saying it’s time he took Danny to school.

Josh, Penny and Chloe come to Jusef and start to treat him. They eventually move him out of the cold-store. John is there, saying it’s not the hotel’s fault. Sofia arrives and asks John what’s going on, then realises it’s Jusef on the stretcher.

Danny is getting dressed; he says he doesn’t feel well and asks to stay of school until later. His grandfather, Dr. Baker, says he can’t bunk off games every morning, and says he’ll feel better when he’s eaten something.

Jusef is brought into resus. They try to warm him up. Chloe says it was exciting; Josh tells her it isn’t a game. Tina shows Charlie Jusef’s bag, which is full of meat. Amy asks Sofia to sit and wait. She wants to phone her father, but John persuades her to wait until they know something more definite.

Mark finishes patching up Pam’s cuts, and tells her to come back so he can see to them. In reception, Amy’s back is aching. Duffy asks if she’s OK. Amy apologise for crying the other day; Duffy says she understands. Mark comes and asks Amy for an appointment for Pam the next day. Pam says, “Or he’ll start pining.” Mark agrees. George watches them.

Dr. Baker tells Theresa that Danny’s all right. She wants to take him to the doctor; he hasn’t stopped her but it’s clear he would be upset if she did, thinking she didn’t trust him. He says he’ll call the school to make sure Danny’s OK. At Danny’s school, the teacher sets his class off on cross-country running. Danny is slow setting off, and runs much slower than the others.

Dr. Baker is on the phone to the school; Theresa asks to speak to them but he doesn’t let her. He puts the phone down and says that Danny’s OK and has just set off cross-country running. Sam comes to speak to Adam, but he’s on the phone. When he’s finished, Tina comes up and asks him to get an ITU bed for Jusef. Adam goes, and Tina realises she was interrupting something.

In resus, Jusef’s temperature has been raised one degree. The phone rings; Charlie answers and tells Max that the hospital solicitor has arrived about Sean’s case. Tina brings Sofia and John Beecham into resusc to see Jusef. Tina gives Sofia his bag, and they see the meat inside.

Danny and his classmates are crossing a narrow plank bridge. One boy is making the bridge shake to scare Danny. The teacher tells him to stop. We see through Danny’s eyes – everything is blurry. Danny falls off. His leg is badly gashed, and the teacher sends one of the boys to phone an ambulance.

John says he has to get back. She tries to persuade him to stay; she thinks he’s angry and doesn’t want to be left alone. He goes, saying he’ll be back as soon as he can. Charlie asks Sofia to wait in reception. June comes in and asks her how Jusef is; Sofia says she thinks he’ll be OK. June says she’s sorry, and says she had to lock the cold-store because of the stealing.

Charlie and Max are with the solicitor. Max gives him Sean’s statement and says it was not misconduct, just misdiagnosis. The solicitor asks if they feel it would be helpful if Eve gave evidence, even though the coroner said it wasn’t necessary. Charlie says they won’t ask her.

June tells Sofia that John told her not to tell anyone about the stealing. She says it has been going on for weeks – a lot of money’s worth. She’s surprised it was Jusef. Sofia is upset and storms off.

Theresa answers the phone and is told the news about Danny. Dr. Baker is in the pub, giving medical advice to some men. Theresa goes in and asks for the car keys, telling him Danny’s had an accident.

June goes up to Sofia, who is crying and worrying about Jusef’s thieving. She says it’s a matter of honour, stealing from John who has taken them in. June asks how much her father paid John for their training, saying that people pay for invitations to work so they can get their visas. Sofia says John wouldn’t take money for that, the money was just for their plane tickets and accommodation. June doesn’t believe that.

Chloe complaind to Penny about Josh’s bad mood. Josh is on the phone to Jeff, and is told he can have the money. He asks Penny and Chloe to go for a drink. Theresa comes in to see Danny. She asks Amy to keep her dad in reception when he’s parked the car so she can be alone with Danny.

Sean is seeing to Danny’s leg, and he, Duffy and Theresa joke about him trying to get out of games. Danny says that he wakes up with a headache every morning and that he fell because his vision went blurry, which happens quite often. Sean goes and asks Max for a second opinion.

In resus, Mark is being cheerful. George asks why and suggests that it’s because of Pam. Adam answers the phone in admin. It’s for Eve – he tells her the “man with the sexy voice” is back. She tells him (Gerry) that she’ll meet him in the canteen.

Josh, Penny and Chloe arrive at a factory, where a man (Kevin) has burnt his hands. His friend, who called the ambulance, tells them that Kevin is deaf and can’t speak.Max examines Danny and says he’ll send him up for a scan. He and Sean go out, and he says well done to Sean for spotting it.

Eve is speaking to Gerry, a minister, in the canteen. He tells her of his successes in getting goods to take out to Romania. They are going to go out there. Eve says she wishes she could come, and he says he wants her to come.There is a phone call for Max; he says he’ll go out to whoever it is.

Eve tells Gerry she wants to go with them, as she’s fed up with A&E and wants to go somewhere to make a difference, but she says she won’t be able to get time off work, as she’s already arranged to have her holiday later. He tries to persuade her that she could arrange it, as she has enough holiday owing.

Max goes outside to speak to his son Frank. He lets him know that he knew he was in before. Frank asks him why he didn’t come to see him – was he hiding? Max says that Frank wasn’t his patient and that he was busy. Max asks how much money he wants, or if there was anything else he wanted to tell him. Frank says there’s nothing that he’d bother to listen to, but asks for £200. Max tells him to forget it.

Kevin is in the ambulance. Penny tells chloe she can’t ask him how he feels. Chloe says “Of course you can!” and moves so that he can lip-read what she says.

Eve tells Gerry she doesn’t see how she can go; he tells her she doesn’t need to make up her mind yet. She says she can’t let them down in A&E, then looks at the clock and realises she’d ten minutes late. Eve gets back and Charlie snaps at her. Adam tells her to relax, and asks if she’s got the chance to go somewhere nice. She says she’s got the chance, but she doesn’t know about it being nice. Eve asks Charlie if she can take her leave earlier than planned. He says that’s OK, but when she asks if she can take all five weeks off he says “No way!” Adam tells her to go over Charlie’s head to personnel.

Tina asks Sam if he’s OK; he says he is, and says he’d tell her if there was anything she could do. He tells her he’s been snappy with Adam and wishes he hadn’t been.

Max tells Charlie he can make his peace with Eve by telling her she doesn’t have to give evidence. They look at Danny’s scans – he has a tumour which must have been growing for some time. Sean comes and tells them that Danny had been feeling unwell for some time, but his family wouldn’t listen.

Max goes to see Theresa and Dr. Baker. He tells them about the scan – Dr. Baker thinks it was unnecessary. Max tells them that Danny has a brain tumour. Theresa gets really angry with her dad for not believing her and for telling her Danny was OK. She insists that Max explains to her, not to him.

Sean, Sam and Eve are treating Kevin. Sam signs to him, then Sean signs – the others are surprised. Eve asks Sam what Sean said, and Sam repeats the signs, laughing. Sean asks her why she didn’t ask him (Sean) what he said.

George asks Mark how his tarty little friend is. He says he’ll know more when he sees her tomorrow. Charlie tells George that there’s a bed for Jusef in ITU. He talks to George and they make their peace. Jusef has a cardiac arrest, and they shock him. After two or three times it works. George is surprised.

Sam asks Sean about his signing; when he praises him Sean asks if he’s flirting with him. Sean says he learnt to sign to ask out his ex-girlfriend, who was deaf and eventually left him for a deaf man.

Theresa asks her dad how it feels to be wrong. She insults him, saying he’s no good as a doctor anymore. She says he’s ignored everything everyone’s ever said to him. He says he’s sorry. She says if Danny dies he’ll be listening to her for the rest of his life.

Mark tells Sofia that her brother’s stable enough to be taken up to ITU. Charlie comes up and tells her what’s just happened. She phones her father. Sofia hits John, and tells him that Jusef was stealing to pay for their tickets home, as John had spent her father’s money. She says he made trouble between her and Jusef to stop her finding out what was going on. She tells him her father’s coming, and wants to speak to him. She says she doesn’t, and walks off.

Pam comes into reception and leaves some flowers for Mark with Amy. George asks what it says: “To my guardian angel”. Mark comes and Amy gives him the flowers. George goes off in a huff.

Charlie and Max tell Sean they need to rehearse the questions for the court case. Eve calls Gerry and tells him she’s going with them. Charlie apologises to her for snapping, and she says it’s OK. He tells her she won’t need to give evidence in Sean’s case; she’s relieved. Sam is still looking for Adam.

Sofia says she wishes Jusef had told her father, then he’d have sent them plane tickets home and cut John’s heart out. She says Jusef didn’t want their father to know that he’d misplaced his trust, and didn’t want her to know that he couldn’t look after her.

Sam find Adam in ths staffroom. He apologises, saying he must have sounded callous. he says he’s lived with the awareness of Aids for s long that he forgets it’s not something people think about. He says he didn’t want to know because he’s scared of it, and wanted to stay away.He says the way Adam got it is so unfair. Adam says he’s being patronising. Sam asks if he wants to talk; Adam says no and walks out. Tina comes in and says well done to Sam and that it’s a good job he ans Sean can sign. Sam replies, “Yeah, it’s just when I open my mouth – that’s the problem.”


Pam Wilson – cuts to face.

Yusef Hormuz – Hypothermia.

Danny Johnson – A cut to his leg, later a brain tumour is discovered.

Kevin Healy – Burns to both hands.

First Scene/words

[Chloe is applying lipstick in the staffroom when Charlie enters, looking at her.]

Chloe: A girl’s got to make an effort, Charlie!

Charlie: Looking forward to your day out?

Chloe: Yeah! I look forward to everything.

Charlie: Oh yeah? What time is Josh picking you up?

Chloe: Any minute.

Charlie: Right.

Last Scene/words

[Tina and Sam are in the staffroom]

Tina: You were really good earlier, good job you and Sean knew how to sign.

Sam: Yeah, it’s when I open my mouth that the problems start.

Notable Facts

David Ryall (Tom Harley) stars as a retired doctor.

Review by Alison

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