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Cas Series

5.8 Love’s A Pain – 26/10/90

S5 E8 (26 Oct 90) : Love’s A Pain by Sam Snape

Episode Summary

Duffy is finding it hard being a single mum, let down by her childminder she is forced to bring baby Peter into work. Later in the shift, Duffy’s mum decides to take him off her hands. Duffy is upset that she makes her feel guilty at being a working mum, but they come to an amicable arrangement.

Tony tells Megan he’s going for a job interview in Manchester and asks her to go with him. After initial surprise, she agrees.

Reg Watson is brought in after being stabbed, Julian performs emergency surgery in crash. His mother, Mavis blames her grandaugher Tina, but they eventually make peace.

A doting grandfather, Tom, climbs a ladder to retrieve a frisbee from the roof. He topples backwards, crushing the young boy, Simon. Simon’s condition looks fatal.

Police arrest a patient, Gordon, after his wife’s lover, John, whom he attacked dies of a brain haemorraghe.

Elizabeth McKee is brought in after swallowing bleach – it’s not the first time she has come in. She is befriended by Ash, who wants her admitted but her father comes to collect her. Charlie warns him for getting too involved.


* Reg Watson – stabbed in chest.

* John Packard – dies of brain haemoraghe.

* Diane & Gordon Robinson – minor injuries.

* Elizabeth McKee – swallows bleach.

* Simon – crushed by grandad who falls on him.

First Words/ scene

Team treating Reg in CRASH;

Julian : Look, see they twisted the knife on the way in.

Charlie : Estolic down to 55.

Julian : We’re losing, call Pulman, this needs to be sorted out in theatre pronto, I need him here as soon as poss!

Last Words/ scene

Duffy’s Mum : What’s happening with Peter tomorrow?

Duffy : I don’t know yet

Duffy’s Mum : I could, for tomorrow, till your sorted out, you know, temporary arrangement?

Duffy : Oh (cuddles her)

Duffy’s Mum : I’d like to know he’s in good hands tomorrow that’s all.

Duffy : You don’t have to Mum

Duffy’s Mum : Nonsense, after all what are Mum’s for!

Notable Facts

* Doreen Mantle plays Duffy’s Mum.

* Denis Lill plays Tom Porter.

* Jack Ellis (Bad Girls plays Sergeant Chancellor.

* Charlie Thompson (Derek Thompson’s son) plays Peter Duffin.

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