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HC Past Series

2.02 Puppy Love – 2/12/99

S2 E2 (2 Dec 99) : Puppy Love by Len Collin

Episode Summary

Jasmine has experienced another bleed, but the doctors think the baby is fine. She gets aggravated when Julie and Ray turn up to see her, she’s still annoyed at Julie for what she said and the fact that she told Carl. Karen reprimands Ray and Julie for being late for work. Julie goes down to see Jasmine again, this time taking some unwanted flowers which Karen’s boyfriend Dave has sent her. Julie apologises, saying that she must stick by her best mate and they kiss and make up. Jasmine still says she wants an abortion though and as she gets up to put the flowers in water, she seizes up in pain. Julie helps her get back on her bed, but she’s bleeding badly. Her best friend stays with her as she loses the baby. Jasmine confides in Julie that she’s upset that the choice has been made for her and that her body rejected the child, despite the fact that she would have aborted it anyway. Ray offers to arrange for Jasmine to stay in the halls at the hospital, and Julie asks him to do the same for her as she wants to be there with Jasmine.

Karen goes to see Jasmine and advises her that she should take some time off, after the stabbing and her miscarriage. Jasmine asks if Nick and Karen ever considered having kids, and Karen confides in Jasmine that the reason her and Nick actually split up was because they couldn’t have kids, and not because Nick was unfaithful. Karen admits that they never investigated why they had problems so that neither could blame the other.

Meanwhile, Nick’s car breaks down on the way to work and Meyer pulls up just as Nick’s fixing it. He tells Nick he shouldn’t be getting oil on his hands, yet doesn’t allow Nick a life in!

Ray is remarking on the division of Darwin Ward, and Karen says that he’d make a good union rep. She tells him that she’s actually proposed the motion, and Julie has seconded it.

Nick has been given two tickets to Paris and a hotel for a weekend by the airline for free. He asks Kirstie to come with him but when she turns him down, he asks Victoria. However, she turns him down too and Ray overhears and informs Karen. When Nick approaches Karen to ask her, she quite rightly asks him why she wasn’t asked. She plays him along so that he thinks she’s going to go with him, before letting him know she’s spending the weekend in Rome with boyfriend Dave.

Meyer invites Nick to his club after telling him that everything about his life is important. He delivers a few tips on conversation, and tells Nick to mingle with the crowd. Nick looks like a little lost sheep, until he starts chatting to one of the waitresses. When Meyer sees him, he makes an appropriately cutting remark. Meyer speaks to the club members about the division of Darwin Ward, and a drunk Nick applauds him.

Meanwhile, Victoria is dealing with the parents who never had time for the daughter who has died of a hole in her heart. She also helps to bring the family together with the patient’s boyfriend, and hugs the girl’s mother.


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