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Cas Series

S7 E09

S7 E9 (7 Nov 92) : Tender Loving Care by Barbara Machin

Episode Summary

Duffy nervously attends her biopsy, but is told to come back for a cone biopsy. Charlie tries to reassure her. Julian tries to keep a low profile with Sandra at the hospital, in case of gossip, she mistakes it for him ignoring her. Charlie tells Jenny and Norma off for getting pizzas delivered to reception, but upsets Norma when he realises she wasn’t involved. Maxine finds a lingering tramp, Betty, stealing from the department and throws her out.

At a Jewish ceremony, old fusspot, Sam Kelvin, collapses from angina. He is given the all clear, but as him and his wife, Leah, wait to go home in reception, Leah collapses and suffers an aortic aneurysm. The team are unable to save her in CRASH. Sam is distraught, Norma tries to comfort him with the fact that at least she died quickly, and not dragged on, referring to her mother.

On a field trip, black teenager, Ben, has a fight with another student, Matt, in the river, and then runs off down a cave, after being refused a relationship with his teacher, Sharlene. Down a cave, he falls unconscious after overdosing on pills. In A&E, he tells Ash it wasn’t suicide, but the severe pain of his sickle-cell anemia condition.

An unpleasant man, Adam, goes round to his wife, Catherine’s house, who he’s separated from, and doubles up in pain from an asthma attack. Adam tells Maxine he is allergic to penicillin, unable to tell anyone she writes it on his clipboard notes. Rob and Sandra set up his IV drip, but Rob is called away just as he is about to administer the penicillin, he leaves a protesting Sandra to do it – who is not allowed to, but she goes ahead. Later Adam becomes unconscious, but is saved in time. He threatens to sue for negligence, until his wife says if he does, she’ll report on him for assaulting her. But Sandra faces an internal investigation.


* Sam Kelvin – Jewish man collapses with angina in a synagogue. He is told to rest.

* Leah Kelvin – Sam’s wife, collapses in reception with a leaking aortic aneurysm, she dies in CRASH.

* Adam – asthmatic man with pneumonia, his condition deteriorates when he is given penicillin although he is allergic.

* Ben – 18 year old with sickle cell anemia, overdoses on pethadyne down a cave.

First Scene/words

Duffy is at clinic about to have biopsy – woman calls her up/ Jewish household – Leah holds her stomach in pain;

Sam : Leah, Leah! I asked you to do my neck.

Leah : It’s alright Sam, I can do it in here.

Sam : Right I’ll get the stool, now remember not too close, I’ll look like a fool.

Last Scene/words

Staff room;

Rob : Look I’m sorry I mean it’s really bad luck

Sandra : Bad luck! Do you realise that my reputation is on the line here?

Rob : What else can I say?

Sandra : Well how about you’ll stand by me? Or is that too risky? (she storms off)

Notable Facts

* Jonny Lee Miller plays Matt.

Screencaps : S7 E9

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