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1.10 Teeny Poppers – 15/11/86

S1 E10 (15 Nov 86) : Teeny Poppers by Janey Pregar

Episode Summary

Megan is in an upstairs cubicle, waiting for her operation, she tells Charlie she is bored. While Clive acts as a decoy with Sister Phillips, Charlie and Kuba wheel Megan downstairs to the A&E department. Kuba is trying to sell raffle tickets to buy a new ventilator – Clive tells him off for not getting Ewart’s permission first. Charlie continues to flirt with Baz.

An Asian teenage boy, Amrit, gets drunk by a dare on his birthday, after breaking into a house with his mates, Karen and Ray. They attempt to revive him with amalnitrate, but as it gets worse, Ray runs off. Karen goes to the hospital with him, but refuses to co-operate, he dies before the team discover what he’s taken. His mother (who can’t speak English), and sister, Rama, come in, where Baz tells them the bad news. After Rama speaks with Karen, she threatens Ewart with a lawsuit, saying more should’ve been done.

Gillian comes to see Ewart, but he is busy, she waits in the staffroom, and chats with Megan, before leaving upset – without talking to him. Megan suggests to Ewart he should ring her, but he says he hasn’t found the time.

Gordon, dressed up as Spiderman, falls off a balcony. When the police go to the house, they discover a women, Elizabeth, tied up, she reveals it was a sexual fantasy of theirs that they acted out. At the hospital they argue, as they were both humiliated. To make matters worse – his wife turns up.

A suicidal women, Christine, is brought in after slashing her wrists. She is adamant to hating her baby. Baz keeps her in overnight, while her husband takes her baby, Claire, home. And a young boy almost persuades Duffy and Kuba to tend to his sick dog.


* Amrit Patel – teenager dies of an overdose of drink and drugs

* Gordon Rowe – dressed as Spiderman, he falls off a balcony after a sexual fantasy gone wrong.

* Christine Holland – attempted suicide by slashing her wrists – she says she hates her baby.

* Mrs Cunningham – fed up with waiting, she goes and has a look at he x-rays, and argues with Susie.

* Boy tries to get Duffy and Kuba to see to his sick dog

Last Scene/words

Charlie : As long as you don’t blame Megan, it was my idea.

Ewart : Nobody else, would ever think of doing something so stupid! (Ewart leaves)

Charlie : Huh! Ladies and gentleman, on behalf of my colleagues and employees, I would like to thank you for a particularly pleasant evening, I won’t beat about the bush, it’s been a joy and may the best cockroach win! (Ewart smiles in his office)

Notable Facts

* The DVD version of this episode has cut out the ‘Spiderman’ patient storyline due to legal reasons.

* As the radio played in Megan’s ward, she says they played ‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ – she cried as it reminds her of Ted, chips and the Costa del Sol.

* Charlie calls Megan’s kidnapping ‘team therapy’.

* Gillian tells Megan that Roz was on 10mg of valium a day last year, when still with Ewart.

Screencaps : S1 E10

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