14.05 Devil in the Detail – 15/11/11

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S14 E5 (15 Nov 11) : Devil in the Detail by Marc Pye & Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

When the Theatre Liaison Manager cancels Michael’s patient’s operation twice in one day, Michael convinces him to go private, but when Malick discovers the truth about the patient’s financial situation he fears that he’s been caught up in another Michael Spence scandal.

Sahira agrees to treat a patient with serious learning difficulties, as a favour to friend, but when the Theatre Liaison Manager discovers she doesn’t have the appropriate medical history, she constantly blocks her path. Sahira tries to convince Hanssen that the micromanagement system is bad for Holby. Jac is shocked to hear that baby Freya will soon be released to foster care, and turns to Sahira for help.

Dan delegates all of his cases to Oliver, leaving him free toplanhis honeymoon, but is shocked to discover that agency nurse Stephen Hopewell has admitted himself to AAU after a fall. Dan becomes worried that Stephen will tell Chrissie the truth about his sexuality and convinces him to leave, but when his X-rays reveal a serious break, Dan realises he’s made a big mistake.

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