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HC Past Series

S12 E54

S12 E54 (5 Oct 10) : Revelations by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

Linden is concerned for Faye when she is rushed into AAU with abdominal pain.

Joseph’s arrival upsets Faye, causing an argument between Linden and Joseph. The obstetrician diagnoses a urinary tract infection, but Linden is suspicious and confronts Faye – why didn’t she mention her discomfort earlier? Linden soon feels ashamed for doubting Faye and asks for her forgiveness – but Faye later discards her prescription.

Worried that he’s damaged his career prospects, Oliver desperately tries to regain Joseph and Greg’s respect. However, Oliver finds he can’t cope, until Frieda comes to his rescue.

Meanwhile, Sacha realises he’s upset Jac after making her feel like a laughing stock a couple of weeks ago. He teams up with Donna to prove he’s sorry. This backfires and Jac tells him she doesn’t want to be part of the “gang”. Sacha decides the real way to show he’s truly sorry is to take Jac to dinner.


Screencaps : S12 E54

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