S8 E21

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S8 E21 (5 Feb 94) : Signed, Sealed, Delivered by David Richard-Fox

Episode Summary

Josh and Lucy bring an old man home to his flat at the top of a high-rise block. The lift is out of orde, and they have to carry him all the way up.

A deaf girl’s brother is annoyed by her use of sign language; he believes she should try to talk and be ‘normal’. Outside the pub they argue, and the girl steps backwards into the path of a van. She has a fractured wrist. Adele convinces the girl’s brother of her need for signing.

Josh and Lucy arrive at the home of an Italian woman who claims that her son has hit his head. Josh finds nothing weong, but takes him to casualty anyway. He also notices that the woman has breathing difficulties. Mike diagnoses a heart condition and decides to keep the woman in.

Paramedics Eric and Chris are called to attend a man who has collapsed in his home, but the man’s huge dog is standing guard. They manage tog et the man to hospital, but not before Eric has been bitted. Eric and Chris are later called to a kebab house where a girl has injected drugs has collapsed in the toilets. In the ambulance the girl becomes hysterical and runs away. Josh and Lucy are diverted while taking a call, when passers-by inform them of an unconscious girl. She is Eric and Chris’ missing patient. At Holby the girl claims that Josh sexually assaulted her. Josh is suspended; but the girl then switches her allegation to Eric, and Josh is cleared.

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