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Cas Series

6.04 Hide and Seek – 27/9/91

s6e4S6 E4 (27 Sep 91) : Hide and Seek by David Richard-Fox

Episode Summary

Charlie holds a seminar for staff, introducing Trish Baynes. Julian worries about competition for the Consultancy post, from Christine Mason in General Surgery – but Charlie tells him he should still get it.

Talkative Douglas Cranville comes in with a snake bite to his arm, he leaves bags in Charlie’s office, while getting treatment Charlie finds out he had a snake in his bag and it’s gone missing – Jimmy searches for it, before finding it in the sluice.

Two children, Kasha and Jamie, are found in a fridge, dumped on wasteground by Kasha’s father, Steve. Jamie’s father, Adam, is angry until he realises the reason why they went in the fridge was to hide from him as he was shouting and looking for them. Kasha is well, but Julian feels she is malnourished – Trish is called in to help the father who is poor and living in a caravan. Jamie’s injuries are made more serious as he is asthmatic and is put on a ventilator in ITU.

A heavy drinking antiques dealer, Richard, is brought in after vomiting blood. He had just told his long term partner, Liz, to leave his house. At A&E, Liz attempts to make amends, but he still tells her to go. Liz puts on her make up ready to say goodbye, but Richard arrests and dies in CRASH.

An old lady, Pauline, is found in the street collapsed and is taken in. She has a fractured wrist and won’t talk. Trish comes in and tries to get her to speak – she does when she sees the snake slithering over her feet.

Kelly allows Jimmy to practice his first aid on her, which gets Kelly into trouble again with Duffy. Charlie and Trish go out on a date – first to the rubbish trip (where the fridge was) and on to dinner.


* Kasha Lewis – girl trapped in dumped fridge. Found to be malnourished.

* Jamie McBride – asthmatic boy trapped in dumped fridge – put on a ventilator in ITU.

* Richard Greetham – alcoholic antiques dealer – vomits blood and later dies of a massive hemorrhage.

* Douglas Cranville – bitten on arm by a snake.

* Pauline Dodwell – old lady with fractured wrist from falling in the street.

First Scene/words

Steve : Got some stuff want shifting?

Man : Won’t think you get much for it, help yourself.

Last Scene/words

At dumping ground;

Charlie : Looks like somebody got here first.

Trish : I asked them to.

Charlie : Dangerous world…

Trish : …Hungry?

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