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Cas Series

S20 E01

S20 E1 (10 Sep 05) : Holding On (Part One) by Ann Marie Di Mambro

Episode Summary

The new series returns with a bang when an unstable block of flats built on an old mine shaft, containing asylum seekers, collapses. A protest had been taking place outside at the time of the collapse, leading to many more injuries. One man, Imad, convinced of the buildings dangerous structure visits a man, Thomas Banks, at the council just before the collapse. When he sees him at the site, he is furious at him for ignoring his concerns. Later Imad, who is desperately searching for his son, Mero, is hit by a falling rock as he pushes paramedics out the way.

Maggie’s daughter, Joanne, was teaching English in one of the flats and is trapped underneath the rubble.Maggie is not pleased when she sees new nurse Bruno. They have worked together in the past and there is tension between the two of them. However, Bruno is shocked when he hears that Maggie’s husband Steve is dead. Joanne is brought into hospital and Bruno decides to make a secretive phone call. Later, Bruno greets Steve Coldwell, a prisoner who arrives in a prison van. Harry informs Maggie and her shocked son that her husband has been granted compassionate leave to visit Joanne.

A young boy is brought in after a brick was thrown at him before the building collapse. One of the Asylum Seekers is a doctor and helps tend to him. He is later brought in himself with a dislocated shoulder and Harry is impressed with his medical skills. But after two sisters, Fatima and Mona, are brought in ill having both had circumcisions by him – he threatens to report him to the police.

On seeing the news, Kelsey recognises one of the patients as one of the mob that injured an Asylum Seeker. His friend, who threw the brick at the young boy is already dead. Kelsey tries to teach him a lesson, that doesn’t go down well with Harry.

A woman is brought in, she has lost her arm in the building collapse. Her arm is later found at the site, they are unable to re-attach it but Harry is able to return a ring, given to her by her late husband.

Tess hears a baby crying and goes to investigate. But she slips down the shaft with fireman Lance.


Many injured from the protest/ building collapse including;

* Joanne Coldwell – head injury and fitting.

* Young boy – hit with a brick.

* AS Doctor – dislocated shoulder.

* Imad Hashid – hit by falling rock.

* Mero Hashid – trapped in wreckage.

* Fatima Rachu – pelvic peritonitis after circumcision.

* Mona Rachu – loses baby after circumcision.

* Woman – loses arm.

* Man – chest infection and minor cuts.

* Man (who hit boy with brick) – dies in wreckage.

Notable Facts

* Tony Mooney plays Steve Coldwell.

* Jane Riley plays Joanne Coldwell.

* Thomas Hudson plays Jamie Coldwell.

* Bruno used to know Maggie as a nurse when they both worked at Bradford Royal Infirmary 15 years ago.

* As Tess welcomes Bruno to the other staff, she also mentions the recent death of Claire and Selena still in a ward recovering from MRSA.

* Abs and Kelsey are appointed Cleanliness Monitors after the recent MRSA scandal. ‘Oh goodie, do we get badges?’ Abs replies to the news.

* Bruno asks Kelsey if Maggie and Harry are an item referring to them as ‘Captain Birdseye and Florence Nightingale’.

* After hearing about Claire’s death and Selena’s MRSA, Bruno says to Tess ‘You lot are dropping like flies – are you sure it’s safe to work here?!’

* After Kelsey sees Woody chatting up a female patient with an ankle injury, she later tries to put her off by claiming he flirts with everyone.

* Kelsey refers to having ‘seen it on Trisha’ twice during the episode.

* Maggie tells her son, Jamie, ‘Have I ever lied to you?’ shortly before Harry informs them her husband, whoJamie has been told was dead, arrives in the ED from prison.

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