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S18 E30 (3 Apr 04) : Another Perfect Day by Chris Ould

Episode Summary

Roxy’s baby is in hospital following his premature birth. The surrogate parents are alarmed when the baby has seizures and it is discovered that he has suffered a haemorrhage and may be disabled and epileptic. The surrogate parents blame Roxy, who feels responsible. The couple decide they do not want a disabled baby and leave him with Roxy, who is secretly glad.

Tally warns Lara her time is up; if she does not have the decency to tell her dad about her and Simon, then she will. Lara admits the affair to Harry, who tries to hide his jealousy and, when she pushes him further, he announces the affair to the entire staff.

Tally takes the opportunity to stir things up and lies to her dad, saying that Simon said he loved her. She turns on the tears and claims that Simon has messed her around and she does not know where she stands. Harry is furious with Simon and has it out with him.

It is Comfort’s last day at work but she is not telling anyone. When she runs into Cal, they talk about her reasons for leaving. Fin admits to setting up the meeting and then finally persuades her to stay. Comfort lets Fin know she wants him back home.

Meanwhile, Jim recognises that it cannot have been easy for Nikki to deliver the baby after her recent abortion. He is genuinely concerned and Nikki appreciates this.

Claire takes a shine to patient, Steve, after he is involved in a car accident. He claims the lady, Saskia, he was in the taxi with was his partner and asks for her bag. Later Saskia’s real boyfriend, Anthony, arrives to see her – ashamed of her severe facial injuries she says she’s been having an affair with Steve to make him leave. Anthony hits Steve before eventually finding out the truth. Claire takes Steve aside to discover he has stolen contents of Saskia’s bag.

The other driver of the RTA; van driver Doug is also brought in as well as his son Pete. Doug dies.

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