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Cas Series

3.02 Desperate Odds – 16/9/88

S3 E2 (16 Sep 88) : Desperate Odds by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

It’s Cyril’s first shift back. Valerie Sinclair meets Charlie, and Ewart shows her round the department.

A Social worker, Dean, goes to a house to investigate the abuse of a child, after a neighbour, Mrs Brounlow, calls him after hearing the couple shouting. Dean is assaulted by the drunk, angry Step Dad, Kevin. He is brought in after being found by a female motorist lying in a pool of blood in the street. He has a fractured skull and is in a critical condition. After finding out where he has been, the police go around to the house, and find Kevin has tried to suffocate the boy, Neil, who was locked in the bedroom and constantly crying. Neil suffers a fractured arm. Kevin is arrested.

A pickpocketer, Archie Higgs, on remand, with chest pains is brought in by two police officers. David believes he is faking it and discharges him, Cyril disagrees with his diagnosis. Later Archie is brought in, after suffering another stoke at the police station, he dies and David blames himself.

A son, Kenith, brings in his elderly mother, Thelma, who has gangrene in her foot. Kenith first demands private care. Thelma has already lost one foot, and Ewart tells them, they must amputate the other or risk septicemia.

And a lady from a children’s home is brought in after swallowing aspirin. Duffy continues to be withdrawn and moody, following the death of Peter, but she hasn’t told anyone yet. And Megan is painting her lonely flat.


* Dean Salway – social worker, attacked by angry Step Dad, Kevin, after going round their house on a call out. Suffers fractured skull and blood clots to brain.

* Neil – young boy, suffocated and beaten by Kevin. Comes in with mother, Sandra. Suffers fractured left arm.

* Thelma Pollard – elderly lady – heavy smoker and diabetic, brought in by son, with gangrene in her foot – they must amputate.

* Archie Higgs – pickpocketer with chest pains, discharged by David as a time waster, but comes in later after a 2nd stroke, and dies.

* Woman from children’s home, overdoses on aspirin.

* Woman – guest at wedding – been sick

First Scene/words

Mrs Brounlow knitting and watching Wogan on TV;

Neil : Mum! Mum! (Mother Sandra goes upstairs)

Kevin : Shut up! What did you say, eh?

(Neil is still screaming, Mrs Brounlow turns TV up)

Last Scene/words

Duffy : It looks like he’s (Neil) going to be OK.

(Shirley and Keith leave, Charlie points at himself)

Charlie : I’ll go tell his Mum.

Notable Facts

* Kevin, Sandra and Neil live at 23 Montgomery Road.

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