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Cas Series

S7 E20

S7 E20 (30 Jan 93) : Dividing Loyalties by Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

Norma has trouble with some foreigners who are looking for the Magistrates Court, she then receives a call to say her mother has died and leaves work early. Charlie tells Ash he has won his promotion to Senior Staff Nurse. Maxine’s father comes to see her and says he has found a new girlfriend of Maxine’s age. Duffy is concerned if she can trust Andrew – Sandra tells her to take a chance.

Truant, Lee Chasey, is hit by a car after running away from his teacher, Shaun Holt. Shaun has been bullying him and continues to do so in A&E – revealing to Ash that he was jealous of Lee’s relationship with his mother.

Philip Baker comes in with cuts to his face, claiming to have fallen into a thorn bush – until Rob discovers a fingernail in his wound, he admits to have been attacked by a prostitute. Philip asks Rob to tell his wife the truth.

A desperate unemployed father, Jack, joins a ram-raiding gang. They plan to raid an electrical shop where his wife, Cheryl, works. The van ploughs through the shop window, into Cheryl and their baby daughter, Lucy. Lucy dies in CRASH – and Jack breaks the news to his distraught wife. The other ram raiders – Rosco (Cheryl’s brother) suffers bruised ribs and fractures to his legs and Bob Hill, the leader, dies at the scene.

Maxine arranges an after shift drink to celebrate Ash’s promotion – a stressed Charlie decides not to attend.


* Cheryl Skinner – mother, head injuries after being hit by van

* Lucy Skinner – toddler dies after being hit by van.

* Bob Hill – one of ram raiders dies.

* Rosco – ram raider, bruised ribs and fractured tib and fib.

* Jack Skinner – ram raider driver, minor injuries

* Philip Baker – cuts to face

* Lee Chasey – hit by a car, fractured wrist.

First Scene/words

Andrew parks his car in road and goes to Duffy’s door;

Andrew : Hi.

Duffy : Morning!

Andrew : Good to see you, am I late?

Duffy : No, you’re early.

Last Scene/words

Maxine and other staff are at the pub;

Maxine : Alright you lot, no shop talk and no misery guts!

(Charlie walks up to the pub, he makes eye contact with Maxine, but then walks away)

Notable Facts

* This is CASUALTY’s 100th episode.

* Ken Sharrock plays Kevin Price

* Martin Turner plays Shaun Holt.

* The pub the staff were at was ‘The Golden Guinea’

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