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HC Past Series

S4 E13

S4 E13 (31 Dec 01) : Shadow of a Doubt (Part 1) by Neil McKay

Episode Summary

Alistair tries to rekindle his affair with Chrissie, but she’s having none of it. Suspicious Kath confronts Chrissie but Chrissie says there’s nothing to it. Kath and Danny later have to take a drunk and unconscious Simon home, and Alistair witnesses the event. Alistair tells Kath that if she breathes a word about him and Chrissie to anyone then he’ll tell the hospital about Simon, jeopardising Kath’s reputation and his career.

[ID 572]Sam[/ID] invites Alex to a party of her mother’s friends, and the pair flirt all night. Their little romance is put on hold when the mother of a patient is his ex-girlfriend. Alex wonders if the child is actually his, as the dates do fit, but the girlfriend reveals that she was having an affair with his flat mate. Alex is visibly hurt by this revelation.

Everyone’s flirting at Holby for New Year’s Eve. Mubbs is trying it on with both Sandy and Keri, Kath appears to be having a good time WITHOUT Simon, and Danny and Marija look just like love’s young dream. Sam and Alex are also looking more and more friendly, and she insists on buying him doubles – despite the fact that he wants to take it easy. Alistair has one more try with Chrissie, but she ignores his attempts. She assures him that it was just a cheap sexual thing between them, and it’s over.

Alex gets pulled away to an RTA after having a quick word with his ex, while Sam leaves in a taxi alone. Alex arrives to find the victim trapped in his van with a steel rod through his body. But thanks to an impressive operation, he manages to save the victim. Alex calls Sam and leaves a message saying he’s on his way to her now.

But while racing to get to Sam’s flat, a young boy runs into the road and Alex knocks him over. The police arrive and Alex confidently takes a breathlyser test. However, the results show that he was over the limit and while Sam sits waiting alone, Alex is escorted to a police cell.


Jade (Flanna Lindsay), daughter of Sophie (Amanda Mealing), Alex’s ex-girlfriend. Jade has a heart condition and needs to be operated on.

Annie Hackett (Irene Sutcliffe), a 77 year old, persuades Ric Griffin into doing an operation to remove part of her colon, against his advice


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