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HC Past Series

2.13 Letting Go – 17/2/00

S2 E13 (17 Feb 00) : Letting Go by Paul Wheeler

Episode Summary

Ray talks to Danny about Dubai and Danny tells Ray he could make a lot of money as a private nurse. Ray is tempted to go but when he asks Karen for a reference, she is annoyed that he would leave her short-staffed and refuses. She tells him how much it has cost the NHS to train him.

Nick and Karen are arguing about the tribunal and Nick says if Karen loved him then she’d lie for him, and Karen says that if he loved her then he wouldn’t ask. She says he spends too much time worrying about his personal life and not enough thinking about his patients. When Julie asks him for advice on treating a patient, he tells her to stop bothering him and deal with it herself.

Victoria and Nick are also discussing the tribunal, and Victoria says she’s angry that Nick wasn’t there when she needed help. He tries to make her lie for him and asks her to think about his career. She says that she will tell the truth whether he likes it or not. Nick tells Mike that he feels like he is being fed to the lions, but Mike tells him he was wrong not to help Janice when she needed it.

Karen tells Ray that she’ll give him a good reference if he wants to go to Dubai and she apologises for the way she treated him. Mike asks Kath out for a drink, and Julie asks Danny if he wants to grab something to eat. Kath is concerned that Julie is a single mother and Danny is basically a child himself, but Mike tells her not to worry.

Mike tells Tash and Jasmine that they must get on better as their relationship is causing mistakes to be made as Jasmine questions Tash’s decision to test a white man for a disease only found in people of a black origin. Danny successfully deals with Melanie, a young agoraphobic with a heart condition, and Julie congratulates him on his approach to the situation. Kirstie gets involved with a teacher who is sleeping with her student, but even when the boy’s parents find out, decide to stay together.


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