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Cas Series

S15 E30

S15 E30 (17 Mar 01) : Only You by Chris Ould

Episode Summary

Tom and Holly set off for her place. Holly is silent, so Tom puts on a tape. When Holly says she likes it, he offers to lend her the CD, and suggests they stop off at his place on the way to pick it up and have a drink. Holly agrees, saying she’s not looking forward to going home. Soon they arrive at Tom’s place – Holly’s impressed. She comments on how tidy it is, and Tom says he’s a tidy person. He gets her a drink, and raises a toast, to his first visitor. When Holly queries this he corrects himself, changing it to Holly’s first visit. As Holly relaxes, Tom takes his bag downstairs to his office, and once there, takes out the photo of Holly he took from the A&E photo board and puts it in a box with other things of hers. He returns and asks Holly if she’d like to go somewhere to eat. Holly says she doesn’t want to be in a crowded place, so Tom offers to get a pizza delivered. Holly agrees and orders a strange combination of toppings, telling Tom that she, Patrick and some others used to challenge each other to weird pizza toppings. Holly has a look at his collection of books, commenting that he has a lot the same as her. Tom shows her one of his favourites – a book of photographs of people asleep. Holly thinks it’s weird but Tom says that that’s when people are most natural, when they’re least expecting it.

Back in A&E, Dan goes through a bin to find some flowers that were delivered to Holly from her admirer earlier. He picks up the card that came with them bearing the name of the florist, and heads to the florists’. When he gets there he makes up a story about getting the flowers squashed and wanting to reimburse whoever sent them. They eventually tell him the flowers were from Tom, giving his address. Dan, realising that Holly could be in danger from him, goes round to Holly’s house but there’s no answer. He phones, and gets her answer machine, so then he phones Tom, asking if Holly got home OK. Tom tells him that she’s still at his place. When he puts the phone down, Holly tells him she’s getting suspicious of Dan. Tom reassures her that Dan was just checking to see if she was OK, but then wonders aloud if there was some other reason for him checking, if he was interested in Holly. Holly tells Tom about what Dan said to her earlier. Again, Tom assures her that she’s probably just being paranoid in thinking it’s Dan who is stalking her.

Dan arrives at Tom’s flat, and watches them through the window. He rings the doorbell and Tom answers it; over the intercom, Dan says he was just passing. Holly tells Tom that Dan doesn’t live anywhere near here. Tom opens the door; Dan comes in, and Tom takes his coat. Out of sight of Dan and Holly, he roots through the pockets and eventually finds the florist’s card. Realising that Dan knows, he returns. Dan is asking Holly if she wants to share a taxi with him, but, suspicious of Dan, she refuses, saying she’ll be staying a while. He is about to tell Holly that Tom is her stalker, but Tom, listening round the corner, hears and comes in. He offers Dan a drink; he goes into the kitchen to pour it and adds some drug he’s been keeping in the fridge. Holly comes into the kitchen and he quickly hides the syringe. She asks why he offered Dan a drink. Tom offers to send him away, but Holly tells him not to bother, but to hope he goes after his drink. Dan sits down with his drink. A few minutes later the pizzas arrive. Tom goes to the door, and Dan quickly tries to tell Holly that she has to go with him. Holly tells him to leave, asking what the matter is. He mentions the flowers, but the drug has taken its effect and he collapses. Holly calls Tom and together they manage to get him to Tom’s bedroom. Holly, wondering what on earth’s wrong with him, feels his pulse, and Tom offers to get a thermometer from the bathroom. Once there, as well as getting the thermometer he takes some tablets from the cabinet and puts them in his pocket. He returns to the bedroom and gives Holly the thermometer, then pretends to check through Dan’s pockets and puts in and pulls out the tablets, showing them to Holly. He reads out “May cause drowsiness. Do not take with alcohol,” suggesting that Dan took them for his cold and that the drink he had caused the collapse. He tells Holly that Dan will sleep it off, and Holly follows him back upstairs.

Tom puts the pizza in the oven to reheat, and then comes and tells Holly that maybe she should get away somewhere for the weekend, suggesting a hotel he knows. Holly says she’d only have to come back and face everything and everyone – including Dan. She talks about how they used to get on well, but how he’s being acting strangely, and asks what if it is him who’s been doing all those things. Tom goes off at the deep end about how by thinking about Dan she’s just doing what he wants – he wants to be the centre of attention and is jealous that she might be enjoying herself with him. Holly is puzzled by this outburst, and Tom calms down and apologises. Holly mentions the hotel break, and says she’s not sure whether she’s on duty but Tom assuredly says she’s not. Holly suspiciously asks how he knows, but he tells her it’s because they get two weekends on, one off, and they’ve both been in the last two weekends. As he is in the kitchen, Holly goes downstairs, saying she’s going to the loo. She goes to check on Dan. She picks up the tablets and finds that the packet is full – none have been taken. Suspicious, she moves to the next room, Tom’s office. As she walks in there is nothing strange about it, but as she stares at her reflection in the window she suddenly sees something weird on the wall behind her, and swings round. The wall is covered with photos of her; on some she’s asleep. Terrified, she goes back into the bedroom and tries to wake Dan. As she is doing so, Tom calls her and she goes back upstairs. She suggests they should check on Dan, and Tom volunteers to do so. When he goes downstairs, Holly picks up her bag and goes to the door, but finds it locked. She gets her phone out of her bag and hits 999, but before she can call, Tom returns and she quickly hides the phone. He serves the pizza and Holly tries to eat it. Tom notices her lack of appetite but she tries to cover up.

Tom takes her out to his balcony, where there is a nice view of the city and absolute silence. He says he’s wanted somewhere like this ever since he was a kid – somewhere peaceful and quiet where no one get to touch you. He suggests that’s what she needs too. He says he’s always wanted her to be with him up there. He says he knows her, he knows how much she cares about people, but she needs someone like him to look after her too, which is why he wants her to share the view. Holly tells him she’s tired and not very good company, and says she’s going to phone her cab. She picks up her phone, but drops it. Tom picks it up, and sees that she’s dialled 999. He tells her to stop pretending she doesn’t like it saying it’s all part of her little game: she pretended she didn’t want the flowers, or the teddy, or anything else, and acted friendly towards Dan and Patrick just to make him jealous. But he’s known how she really feels since she asked him out for that drink. Holly says she’s sorry if she gave out the wrong signals. She says she’s going to phone an ambulance for Dan. Tom stops her, saying all he wants is to be able to turn and look at her when she is asleep. Holly says he’s sick if the only way he can get to see a woman asleep is to break into her flat. She says he can’t get away with doing that, and reaches for the phone. Tom angrily snatches the phone and throws it away. He grabs Holly and pushes her onto the sofa. He tells her it doesn’t matter to her how much someone loves her, she still wants everyone running round after her, saying she’s had Patrick, Dan and him all on a string. He says all he wanted was for her to see how special they’d be together. He climbs on top of her, still angrily accusing her. Holly’s calls for help have roused Dan, who has been struggling to wake up and get upstairs. Eventually he makes it to the top. Tom sees him, and as Dan starts to confront him, knocks him so that he falls back down the stairs. Tom grabs Holly and swings her round, but Holly grabs an ornament and hits him with it, knocking him to the ground..

Holly calls for help and the police and two ambulances arrive. Tom is taken to Holby A&E with a broken jaw and the police tell Holly and Dan that he’ll be arrested. Fin puts Dan’s arm in a sling. Dan tells Holly he’s sorry, saying he could have handled things better. She says she feels sick when she thinks of what might have happened. Dan tells her it’s over now. He mentions what he said to her earlier in the day, but Holly tells him she’d rather things went back to the way they were before. The police officer asks Holly to come with him to make a statement; Holly says she’d rather go to the hospital with Dan first. Dan says there’s no need. Holly takes his hand and says thank you. Dan smiles and gets into the ambulance. The policeman calls Holly to his car.

First Scene/words

[The last scene from the previous episode is repeated:]

Dan: Drive carefully and look after Holly for us yeh?

Tom: Don’t worry, I will.

Dan: See you. [He stares after the car as it pulls away.]

Last Scene/words

[Holly and Dan are talking outside Tom’s house when a policeman approaches.]

Policeman: Dr Miles, I can take you back to the station now if you’re okay to make that statement?

Holly: Umm, I’d rather go to the hospital with Dan first…

Dan: No no, you go ahead I’ll be fine.

Fin: Your carriage awaits yeah?

Dan: See, better be going. C’mon. [Fin leads him away to the ambulance. Holly goes after them.]

Holly: Dan, Dan. [She takes is hand] Dan listen….thankyou.

[Dan smiles then is taken into the ambulance. Holly watches]

Policeman: Doctor… [He smiles at her and she turns to him.]

Additional Cast

Florist – Gabriella Gabbitas

Police sergeant – Mark Meadows

Guide by Alison

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