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Cas Series

S14 E18

S14 E18 The Morning After by Christopher Reason

Episode Summary

Sean makes a joke about Holly wanting it. Holly laughs with him, but Patrick later tells Sean to lay off Holly. Sean tells Holly, who has a go at Patrick. He says when they were together, she didn’t like the fact that he never got jealous; he says now maybe he’s jealous. He says he was trying to have more compassion and more heart, as she had suggested. Holly says she didn’t mean towards her.

Frank Gallagher turns up in A&E. He tells Tina he’s now a drugs counsellor. He’s brought with him Jacqui, who is on methadone to kick her drugs habit. She’s run out and all the clinics are closed so Frank has come to A&E to try. Max tells him they don’t stock methadone and the best they can do is diazepam, which would help a bit but not much. Frank says that she’ll only go back to drugs, but Max says he can’t help. Jacqui goes outside, telling Frank she’s going for a smoke.

Hannah and John are staying in a secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere. Hannah’s brother Daniel and his girlfriend Jane are staying with them. Hannah and John are constantly arguing. John wants to go to the nearest village to buy a paper; Hannah is against the idea, saying it spoils the point of them coming to the cottage. John tries to start to car but it won’t start. He says he’ll go to the top of the hill to try to get a signal on the mobile to call the AA; Hannah tells him not to. John, who is diabetic, takes his insulin on an empty stomach. He goes out to get the phone signal but collapses just as he has found a signal. When Hannah and Daniel realise he is missing, they go out to look for him, knowing he’s probably collapsed. They find him, unconscious, and phone an ambulance, before carrying him back to the cottage to warm him up.

Josh and Penny are setting off to the cottage but the ambulance won’t start. Josh gets out of the back, leaving the doors open, and they try to fix it. Jacqui sees the drugs box and takes it. Josh and Penny manage to get the ambulance started and set off without realising the drugs box is missing. They arrive at the cottage and Penny looks for the glucagon to revive John. She discovers their drugs are missing. They say they’ll just have to take him to the hospital. However, the ambulance won’t start. Penny and Josh try to fix it but it isn’t as easy this time. Penny realises something has fused; she tries to find it and eventually does, and fixes it with a hair clip. The ambulance starts and John is taken to A&E; the wait has made him worse but he will be OK. John and Hannah have been arguing partly because they can’t have children. Hannah tells John she loves him; he says they can try to adopt if she still wants to. They hug.

Frank realises Jacqui is missing and goes to her home to find her. She has injected something from the drugs box and is lying on the floor, unconscious. Frank calls an ambulance and she is taken to A&E. Max tells Frank he saved her life, and says he’s proud of him.

Josh and Penny face meeting with their boss to explain what happened to the drugs box, until the box is found by a security guard, without much missing. Now they just have to make a report.

Chloe tells Duffy about a book she has been reading about a more positive attitude. Later, the victims of an RTA are brought in – the driver of a car and his girlfriend. The driver dies, but his girlfriend survives and so does the baby she’s carrying. Charlie asks Chloe to go with him to tell the relatives and ask the driver’s parents for permission for organ donation. At first she is reluctant, but then she agrees to do the hard part. She tells them, and they agree to organ donation. Charlie later tells Duffy that Chloe was brilliant.

Adam is treating dancer Reuben, who has sprained his ankle. There is an immediate attraction between them and Reuben asks Adam out, offering to teach him to dance. Adam tries to put him off but Reuben is waiting for him at the end of the shift. He asks Adam what the problem is. Adam tries to tell him it’s because he met him at work, but then tells Reuben he’s HIV positive. Reuben says he is too. Patrick sees them together and realises Adam’s gay; he tells Holly. Adam and Reuben go up to the roof and Reuben teaches Adam how to waltz. They say it’s a miracle and stay dancing together.

Amy has been worrying all day about Milo, who is ill. She snaps at Chloe and Barney when they are asking about her singing after she is looking at an ad in the paper for a singer. Later Barney passes the message on to her that her mum’s brought in Milo. She panics until she sees him. He walks towards her, having taken his first steps half an hour before.

Tina asks Max why he didn’t tell her about Frank’s new job. He says he didn’t tell anyone so he wouldn’t have to tell them when it all went wrong. Tina says he should have more faith in Frank. Max says she’s starting to sound like Frank’s mother. Tina gets mad at this. Max apologises. He tells her that he wants to be with her but thinks she may be better off with someone nearer her own age – he says that Frank was asking if she was seeing anyone. Duffy interrupts, asking Tina to go down to the staff room to share the champagne they are enjoying at the end of the shift. Duffy wishes Max a Happy New Year, and says that she wants to give him a hug – he smiles.

As they leave at the end of the shift, Charlie asks Duffy if she wants to get something to eat. Her look tells him no, and they both smile. They say they’re another year older but no wiser, just more sensible – which isn’t quite the same thing. Duffy kisses Charlie, and they both head off in opposite directions.

Max is waiting for Tina at the end of the shift. He says it isn’t that he doesn’t want her, but that he wants her too much. He tells her he’s fallen in love with her. She asks him to say it again, then asks if they’re going to her place or his. They drive off together.


– Reuben Hurst, sprained ankle

– Jacqui Bailey, overdoses on drugs stolen from one of the ambulances

– Mr McClare, 74-year-old man with fractured arm

– John, a 38-year-old diabetic that gets a hypoglycaemic shock

– James Roos, involved in RTA, dies from his injuries

– Anita Kirkbridge, James Ross’ pregnant girlfriend, gets injured in RTA

First Scene/words

[Max drives into work and behind him, Tina and Barney both walk into work.]

Barney: This is the worst of all works…

Tina: Goodmorning Barney.

Barney: Early shift on New Year’s Day!

Last Scene/words

Milo, Amy and Amy’s mother all walk out of the hospital, hand by hand.

Notable Facts

– This is the first episode for Reuben.

Guide by Alison & Karin.

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