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Cas Series

S14 E01

S14 E1 (18 Sep 99) : Calm Before the Storm (Part 1) by Simon Mirren

Episode Summary

Sam is rushed into Resus. The team work on him but Adam is too shocked and traumatised to give them much information about the incident. He manages to tell them about Williams pushing Sam before he’s asked to find Sam a bed. Charlie tries to calm the department after Sam’s accident. Penny tries to talk to Jamie, a little boy, but he runs away from her. Amy is clearly in shock and Penny and Josh take her to the Staff Room for a drink. Charlie asks for Tina, and tells Chloe not to let her into Resus. Sam starts to fit in Resus. His X-rays come back and he’s not broken his spine so they get ready to send him up to CT. Tina stands alone outside. She breaths deeply and wraps her arms around herself Later Tina and Sunny walk back into the A&E department, Sunny has been upstairs with a patient. Charlie sees them and breaks the news about Sam. They both rush into Resus and Tina goes with Sam for his scan. Charlie tells Sunny to keep working. Tina and Duffy are with Sam as he has his CT scan. The police arrive to interview Adam. Julie, Duffy and Tina are with Sam when he gets worse suddenly. They rush him back down to Resus. Sunny is angry about Sam and Jasmine’s stabbing on Darwin Ward. As soon as he sees Sam he runs over to him.

Bacon and Eggs are looking for their little brother, Jamie. As they search they bump into Holly Miles, a doctor who’s been called in to cover. She sees Charlie and he sends her to work in the cubicles. Bacon and Eggs are outside looking from Jamie. They talk about seeing Sam fall, they see Tina walking back inside and ask her if she’s seen Jamie. She says no, but tells them to report it to reception.

Josh and Charlie are talking in Charlie’s office. Charlie is upset about Sam, that the accident happened in the department. He says he still loves his job, even after 14 years of doing it. He loves the uncertainty of it all. Charlie reminisces about Sam, wanting to help everybody and change the world. Josh says he sounds a lot like Charlie. Charlie begins to yell out and Josh calms him down. Penny and Josh talk about Charlie in the ambulance. Josh says he hopes it’s quiet and Penny says he’s jinxed them. Josh says he’s worried about Charlie.

Chloe and Holly are helping out in the cubicle area. Holly sees Jamie hiding behind reception and talks to him. He says he’s with his brothers, Bacon and Eggs. Holly says he has a fever and is about to take him to a cubicle when his brothers see them. Holly takes them all through. Albert’s being uncooperative with Chloe but she and his nephew Eddie persuade him to wait 5 minutes for a doctor. He agrees. When Holly doesn’t come Albert tries to leave again but Holly and Chloe talk him round and send him back to his cubicle. Eddie tells Eve about how Albert found him and looks after him now. Albert is back in his cubicle. He’s talking to Eve about Eddie. He says he only looks after him because of the allowance, and that no one else wanted him anyway. Eddie overhears and walks away upset.

Danny Boyd arrives at the harbour to work. He practises his speech in his car, he’s going to see his share of the boat. Just as he’s about to tell Alan, his partner Alan gives him £2000. His share for dumping some chemicals. Then it’s over. When they’re out on the river Danny looks at the drums and says it’s only oil, not chemicals. Alan tells him to leave it, but the top of the barrel isn’t secured on properly. Danny and Alan begin dumping the chemicals. As they are throwing the last one over the side the loose top comes off and spills all over them. Danny says it’s not oil, there’s bits of metal in it. They are picked up on radar for being in a no-fishing zone and the river police are sent after them. The police are on to Danny and Alan. They follow them in their boat. Danny says they can just tell them it was oil but Alan says it wasn’t. It was radioactive waste. Danny yells that he’s covered in it and lashes out at Alan. Their boat speeds out of control and crashes into the harbour wall. Danny is seriously hurt. The police go out to Danny and Alan. They can’t see their boat but they find the barrel floating in the river. Josh and Penny are called out to the harbour accident. They arrive and manage to get Danny off the boat and into the ambulance.

Gerry comes into the department with a bruised arm after falling. He asks for Eve and she takes him straight through to a cubicle and sends him for an X-ray due to the extensive bruising. Max looks at Gerry’s X-ray and tells Eve his arms broken, but that it looks like Gerry might have cancer. Eve decides to wait until they’re sure before she tells Gerry as she doesn’t think he knows. Gerry asks Eve questions about his arm, as he can’t believe it’s broken after such a small fall. He tells her he’s thinking about going back to Romania and asks Eve if she wants to go with him. She just smiles at him. Albert and Eddie walk into Gerry’s cubicle. Eve and Gerry recognise Eddie, he was at the mission but left to live with Albert.

Jack Chandler is at his Navy barracks, he’s found his wife in bed with his best friend, Oliver, and attacked him. There are officers banging on the door to be let in. When he realises his wife doesn’t love him Jack lets them in. He is taken away by the Marine officers. Josh and Penny bring Oliver in. Max doesn’t hold out much hope for his survival. Jack is reprimanded by his commanding officer for the attack. He’s taken away to be charged. Jack is being driven away by two officers to be charged. En route they get a phone call saying that Oliver has died. It’s murder now. The officers turn around to drive Jack back to base.

Adam asks Charlie if he can leave early but Charlie tells him to stay and finish his shift, with his friends. Charlie tells him it’s Williams fault that Sam’s in Resus, not Adams.

Sean tries to talk to Tina in Resus but she yells at him not to touch her before walking away from him. Tina calls Sam’s sister to tell her about the accident. Sean walks in on her and tries to talk again. He tells her he wants her to move in. She yells at her, and tells him to talk to Chloe not her before walking away. Max tells Holly, Amy and Sunny that Sam’s in ITU, and they’ll know more about his condition when he wakes up. Sunny goes up to see him with Tina. Sunny leaves Tina alone with him. She cries as she talks to him. She says she really needs him now. Sean tries to talk to Chloe but she walks away and he follows her to the toilets. In there he yells at Chloe for telling Tina about them. As he yells Chloe tells him she’s pregnant. Sean is stunned. Chloe tells him he doesn’t have to be involved. He never wanted her. But she wanted him, so maybe she wants their baby. She walks away from him and he rinses his face. As he is Tina walks out of one of the cubicles, having heard everything.

Poppy Brennan and her mum Suzy walk out of bowling. Poppy has leukaemia and is pleased that she won the game. They get into their car to drive home. Poppy says she won’t be scared if she dies, but she doesn’t want Suzy to cry over her. They’re their car, Poppy asks what Suzy will do when she dies. Suzy says Poppy isn’t going to die. Poppy goes cold in the car and Suzy tries to wake her up. The Marines are coming down the same road. Suzy leans over to try and wake Poppy. Just as she does the two cars crash. Poppy and her mum are trapped in their car. Poppy shouts for help when she sees Jack walk past, he sees the leaking petrol and tries to get them out. Jack manages to get Poppy and her mum out just before their car explodes.

Penny and Josh are still at the harbour. She goes to get the rest of their equipment from the boat and sees Alan hiding on the quayside. She waves and shouts at him, but looses her balance and falls into the icy river.

First Scene/words

[Sam is rushed into Resus]

Max: Right we need a radiographer down her now! How did he land?

Adam: He, he…

Sean: He’s bleeding from the back of his head.

Max: Adam! How did he fall?


Albert Miller – Chest pains. Brought in by his nephew

* Jamie – Ear infection, suspected Mastoiditis

* Gerry – Severe bruising and broken arm. Possible cancer

* Oliver Daldry – Heavy blows to throat, fractured trachea. Dies in Resus

Last Scene/words

[Penny is on the top of the boat]

Penny – Hey! Hey! (she looses her balance and falls in)

River Policeman – She’s gone in!

Josh – Penny?

Notable Facts

* Susan Cookson plays Julie Day.

* Charlie has worked at the hospital for 5110 days

* Sam’s GCS score was E2 – eyes open to pain, V2 – incomprehensible sounds, M5 – localising pain.

Review by Nina.

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