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HC Past Series

S5 E24

s5e24S5 E24 (18 Mar 03) : For Better, for Worse by Sarah Louise Hawkins

Episode Summary

Owen and Mubbs are in theatre operating. Owen tells Mubbs to concentrate on his work rather then bring up useless things.

Sandy holds a brown paper bag in her hand. The lift door opens and Sean meets Sandy. Sandy hands Sean the bag and tells him that there’s in nearly £1000 there. Sean explains to Sandy harshly that after exchange rate there will not be £1000 left.

Alex and Ed are walking towards Darwin where a new patient, Selina Choudrey, is being admitted with a heart murmur and an echo in her valve. Alex and Ed discuss whether she will need a new valve replacement.

Owen is talking to a patient, Helen Gaskell, who injured herself falling over. She is fourteen weeks pregnant. The baby seems fine.

Diane and Ric are seeing to a patient, Brian Chapman, in AAU. Jess passes Diane notes and ignores Ric. Brian Chapman’s son who he has not seen for 20 years is there.

Up on Darwin. Chrissie and Ed are discussing Ed going to see his dad later that day. Ed asks if Owen will be going to football that evening. Chrissie tells Ed that she and Owen had been searching for Owen’s football boots for a while. Chrissie quotes Owen as being ‘strong and silent’

Mubbs and Owen are talking in Owen’s office about earlier in theatre. Mubbs brings up his outburst about Chrissie and Ed. Mubbs tries to make Owen believe that he made the whole affair story up and that it was ‘just a rumour’ Mubbs begins to drop himself into a deeper hole.

Brian Chapman has been waiting three months for his operation, since he opted for private surgery. It seems that Brian Chapman is the private patient of one of his old friends. Marcus Denby. Ric rings Marcus Denby. Discussing with Jess whether her new flat is big enough as he does so.

Owen searches for Chrissie’s file and a patients of his. Mubbs tells Owen there’s no point checking up on Chrissie’s file. Owen bites back telling Mubbs that he does have patients files in there too.

Marcus Denby appears with Ric in AAU. Comparing the NHS and private work as he does. Marcus accompanies Ric to see Brian Chapman, Marcus reassures Brian that Ric knows what he is doing.

Tom and Marcus Denby then meet as Ric and Marcus are leaving AAU. Tom suggests that Marcus should meet him for lunch where he can also meet Alex Adams. Anton Meyer’s prodigy.

Owen’s patient Helen Gaskell has two broken ribs and has tension phneaumothorax. Owen calls for someone from Darwin. Ed and Chrissie come down to fit Helen Gaskell with a chest drain. Owen watches closely as the pair work. His doubts of whether Chrissie and Ed have been sleeping together playing in his mind.

Alex tells Selina Choudrey that her op should be put off. Even though her heart is strong, the infection she has could infect the valve replacement and weaken it. Ed argues with Alex telling him(Alex) now would be the perfect opportunity.

Tom asks Alex if he is free for lunch as he would like for Alex to meet Marcus Denby.

Mubbs goes to Owen with Helen Gaskell’s notes. Helen Gaskell suffered a brain haemorrhage with her last pregnancy and was advised not to get pregnant again before she has an operation to sort the haemorrhage. Helen has ignored this and has gotten pregnant again which means that it will cause her a few problems in the future.

In theatre during Brian Chapman’s operation Marcus Denby tells Diane about Ric’s first gallbladder operation. Telling Diane he removed the gallbladder perfectly then dropped it on Teddy Sedgwick’s shoe. Marcus Denby also jokes that Diane and Ric are an item, before leaving the procedure to meet ‘Tom Blood and Gore’ for lunch.

Owen warns Mubbs yet again about gossiping and also getting on with his work instead of trying to make up for his mistake.

Alex washes his hands before going to meet Tom and Marcus for lunch. Alex watches his hands shake. He then stares straight into the mirror.

Tom and Marcus are waiting for Alex and discuss him being away in America. Alex comes to meet Tom and Marcus as Marcus is about to leave.

Ric and Jess notice Alex as they sit down for lunch. They begin discussing the past and what happened with Alex. Jess tells Ric that she is over it and so should Ric.

Owen suggests to Helen Gaskell’s husband that they should go for counselling. Owen also tells Helen Gaskell that she will need to be kept in for a while although she will need to see the neurosurgeon.

Owen goes up to Darwin and see’s Chrissie. Owen asks about the Anti D injection, which Mubbs gave her. Owen questions how she wouldn’t know what Owen’s blood type was.

As Helen Gaskell’s husband goes back in to see Helen as Owen gets back to Maternity. Helen has begun to give out blood in her drain. Owen calls down Chrissie and Ed, except Ed has gone to see his dad in prison. Owen asks Chrissie where Ed is and Chrissie quietly tells him that Ed ahs gone to the prison but not to tell anyone. Owen asks how Chrissie would know something like that. Chrissie says she was there for him. raising Owen’s suspicions further.

Brian Chapman and his son argue as Brian Chapman has been told that he has bowel cancer and would need a colostomy bag.

Chrissie questions Mubbs over what he has said to Owen. Mubbs tells her he has said nothing.

Danny catches Sandy as she looks guilty outside his locker. Danny takes Sandy’s bag from her and looks through finding something of his own. Danny asks Sandy what she is playing at. Sandy realises it’s time she admitted the truth to Danny as he is her friend. Sandy tells Danny and Danny looks up at the CCTV camera. Sandy follows his direction and tells Danny they’re probably fake. Danny tells Sandy they are real as Chrissie has been watching the videos in her office. They discuss how to get the video back.

Owen informs Helen Gaskell’s husband that she is stable. Owen then discusses the pregnancy situation with Helen Gaskell’s husband. Owen tells Helen’s husband he shouldn’t let Helen take him for granted.

Danny tells Chrissie that Kath has left a few personal thing sin her desk and she is wanting them. Chrissie hands Danny the keys telling him she’ll want them back. Danny goes into the office. Putting a photo and photo frame in a bag. Danny closes the blind and begins searching through the tapes from the CCTV. Danny finds the right video as Chrissie comes into the office. Selina Choudrey has been rushed back into theatre.

Alex gets called away from his ‘touring’ of the Hadlington clinic when Selina is rushed back into theatre.

Ric discusses the bowel cancer with Brian Chapman, telling him that he will need his son there.

Alex leaves Ed to close. Alex begins taking the gloves he has been wearing off. Alex’s hands have a slight quiver to them. A tense look passing over Alex’s face.

Owen leaves the hospital, Mubbs watching after him.

Ed calls round to Chrissie and Owen’s holding a football in the rain. Owen is not back yet so Chrissie invites him in.

As Owen comes in he hears Chrissie and Ed giggling in the kitchen. Owen is soaked through. The phone rings as he is taking off his coat. Owen answers the phone. It’s Mubbs who instantly puts the phone down as Owen says hello.

Westlife’s Fool Again plays in the background as Chrissie, Owen and Ed stand in the kitchen talking. Owen then brings up ‘Chrissie’s men’ in her life. Owen brings up the affair. Chrissie denies the affair and says it isn’t true. Owen shouts at Chrissie telling her to tell the truth for once in her life.

Owen then throws Ed out into the rain. Telling him that if he doesn’t go now then when he does leave he won’t be walking.

Alex and Ric meet in the bar when Ric goes to buy Jess a drink. They toast to the future, Ric admitting he is doing some work at the Hadlington in the future.

Chrissie is sat at the table crying. She says she does love Owen. Chrissie stands up to look at Owen. Owen tells Chrissie she should be respecting him if she loves him. Owen gets very angry and struggles with Chrissie as he goes to throw her out. Chrissie screaming and shouting at Owen. Owen opens the door. The two of them argue in the rain. Owen throws Chrissie’s coat on the floor and pushes her away as she cries for forgiveness. Owen goes to close the front door as Chrissie gets back up. Chrissie tries to stop Owen shutting the door but Owen pushes Chrissie away. Owen closes the door and sits in front of it crying. Chrissie bangs against the door and cries as she sits in the pouring rain wanting Owen to let her back in.


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