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HC Past Series

S4 E14

S4 E14 (8 Jan 02) : Shadow of a Doubt (Part 2) by Neil McKay

Episode Summary

It’s the morning after the night before and Alex is released from his prison cell.

Janice is feeling a bit tired so Alistair tells her to come home early if she continues to feel that way. She leaves. He immediately begins packing a bag with clothes.

Alex arrives at the hospital in a cab. He apologises for being late, saying he overslept. He then tries to explain to [ID 572]Sam[/ID] but she tells him to forget it. He takes her aside and then tells her he hit a child. He was breathalysed and found to be over the limit. He doesn’t understand it but what he doesn’t know is that Sam spiked his drinks. Sam tells him not to panic, it’ll be alright.

Jamie Bailey; the boy Alex hit, has been admitted onto Otter. Janice asks Steve what happened to him. He tells her he got over-excited and ran out infront of a car, but he managed to get medical attention at the scene because the driver was a doctor and works at Holby – They don’t know it’s Alex – Until Alex arrives down on Otter asking how Jamie is. He then asks Steve to keep him posted on Jamie’s condition.

Nina Gupta is admitted onto Maternity. She’s 37 weeks pregnant and bleeding slightly.

Alistair arrives at the hospital and he’s still harassing Chrissie. She continues to tell him it’s over. He goes to go after her but Janice walks over.

When asked to perform an operation on Jack Moore Alex tells Meyer that he doesn’t think he should and informs him of last night’s events.

Meyer asks him if he feels that it will affect his performance in theatre. Alex tells him no and Meyer suggests that he go ahead with the procedure with Sam and that Alistair is available if there are any problems.

Kath apologises to Chrissie for being harsh earlier. She then tells her about how Alistair threatened to sack Simon if she said anything about them.

Chrissie tries to avoid Alistair but he catches up with her and tells her he’s leaving Janice. She continues to tell him to leave her alone.

Alex is in theatre with Sam. They’ve removed the clot from Jack Moore But his blood pressure starts dropping – His aorta has ruptured. Sam tells Alex they should call Mr. Taylor. He hesitates, his mind’s obviously elsewhere.

Alistair apologises to Kath for his behaviour but she tells him not to bother and to save his breath.

Nina’s baby is fine, but they’re going to do a caesarean because her womb is weak and they suspect that it might rupture. Lisa asks why they decided to have a forth child. Nine tells her they felt their family was incomplete. They already have three girls – Lisa obviously feels that the men of the family have forced Nina into the pregnancy.

Alistair arrives in theatre and questions Alex on why the build-up of blood in the wall of the aorta wasn’t spotted earlier. He believes there’s been a lack of concentration, clearly hinting at Alex.

After taking a statement. The policeman informs Mrs. Bailey that they will be continuing their investigations into the incident and the questioning of whether or not they charge Alex with drink driving – Upon result of the blood test.

Whilst talking to his father, Jamie Bailey loses consciousness – He’s coning.

Janice tells the parents that there’s some pressure building up on his brain which seems more serious than they first thought.

After being told by Alistair to leave the theatre and take a break, Alex returns. Alistair asks him to finish up.

Sam asks if there’s any news on Jamie Bailey’s condition. He tells her he’s stable then asks if she can chase up the results of the blood test. She tells him it’ll be ok and leaves.

Mrs. Bailey has told her husband what the policeman told her – That Alex was over the limit when driving.

Steve informs them that Jamie has been taken to theatre.

There aren’t any neuro-surgeons available to perform the operation – Ric’s going to do it.

Sam sees Jamie Bailey being wheeled into theatre.

She asks Danny why he’s there. Danny tells her he’s coning and that will be doing the bur-holes because there are no neuro-surgeons around.

Sam walks into theatre where Alex is and tells him ‘88mg’ – Meaning the amount of alchahol in his blood stream – The limit’s 80 – Alex was drunk when driving.

Sam’s silent for a moment. Alex asks her ‘what is it?’ – She tells him about Jamie.

Ric begins Jamie’s operation. He drills three holes and sucks out the clot – Jamie goes into VF.

Alex tells Sam he wants to see what’s happening.

Sam tells him she’ll finish up. He peers through the window in the door into the other theatre and sees Ric shocking Jamie. He bursts into the room just as Ric calls the time of death. Ric tells Alex he’s sorry – He did his best.

Ric tells Jamie’s parents that Jamie has died, and that he’s truly sorry. Alex tells him he is as well. Mrs. Bailey lashes out at Alex. The truth about him being over the limit when driving then comes out. Ric shouts at Alex.

Nina wakes up after being unconscious due to her lungs not functioning properly. She’s upset when Sunil tells her he hasn’t been to see their newborn son when she asks him.

Sam tells Alex not to blame himself. Meyer walks over and asks Alex if everything’s ok. He tells him that Jamie Bailey has died and then that he was over the limit. Meyer is angry with Alex and tells him to go home.

Owen and Chrissie are speaking when Alistair walks after her. He tells her they can have a quiet drink together, Chrissie tells him ‘Get off my back.’ He won’t leave her alone and grabs her. Owen comes to Chrissie’s rescue and there’s a scuffle between he and Alistair.

Janice sees Alistair’s packed bag in the car. She opens it then throws it on the floor before driving off and leaving Alistair.

Sam and Alex are back at his. He asks her to tell him he’s dreaming. She says she wishes she could. He breaks down. Sam kisses him…


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