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Cas Series

S19 E28

S19 E28 (19 Mar 05) : Animals by Gregory Evans

Episode Summary

Bex is back at work and Claire wastes no time in letting her know what she thinks of her. Bex is finally sent home when Claire reduces her to tears – witnessed by Harry, Selena and Charlie, who all sympathise with her. Bex drinks vodka when she gets home and passes out in the bathroom. Selena and Charlie pop round to check on her, realise that something is wrong and burst in – is she alive?

Abs and Nina are both interviewed by immigration officers. Abs lies, saying that Ellen was the love of his life and that is why they rushed into marriage. He relays this to Nina, but says it is her he loves.

Tess’s husband, [ID 273]Mike[/ID], is showing signs of getting better; he is awake, but paralysed, and asking Tess to take him home. She confides in Harry that she will not be able to cope.

A young woman, Anita, who went to university with Guppy comes into the department and pretends to be ill so she can get treated by Guppy. She asks him why he never tried it on with her and if they can go out on a date that night. Guppy agrees but later finds out that she wants a last fling before leaving for her arranged marriage. Woody teases him.

A young girl, Polly, is brought in after a sleepover suffering stomach pains. She has appendicitis and fears having an operation ebcause her uncle died of cancer a year ago.

Animal rights activist Patrick puts a bomb on the doorstep of a doctor called Helen, whilst his girlfriend Lexie waits in the car outside. Helen’s friend, John, offers to answer the door for her and catches the full force of the explosion. Patrick runs off, and whilst Lexie also drives off she crashes after hitting Helen’s dog. In hospital, angered at the events, Harry lets his feelings known to Lexie. Lexie reports Patrick to the police.


* Lexie Johnson – minor injuries from car crash.

* John Lovett – Severe injuries from bomb explosion including facial burns and loss of fingers.

* Anita Chada – fakes stomach pains.

* Polly Farrell – young girl with appendicitis.

Notable Facts

* Sameera Reddy plays Anita.

* Abs tells patient Polly that he also had his appendix out when he was younger.

* After finding out Guppy had a date with a good looking Anita, in disbelief he joked ‘Yeah and I’m going to night school to learn needle point’.

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