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HC Past Series

S4 E03

S4 E3 (23 Oct 01) : Men Are From Mars… by Colin Wyatt

Episode Summary

Keri is still in shock from events at Sandy’s birthday party the night before. Although her memory is a bit blurred, she believes that her evening with Liam ended in date rape. After a tough day with abusive alcoholic teenager Ben, Keri eventually confides in Steve. ‘I didn’t mind messing about a bit, but we kept kissing and the room was spinning.. I must have blacked out. When I woke up.. I realised.. I think Liam raped me’.

Andy Thompson is waiting for a hernia operation but Tash refuses to operate. Despite severe warnings, Andy, who is obese, has failed to lose the weight. He’s put on some in fact, ‘a few pounds that’s all’. Tash reminds him that it is infact two and a half stone. ‘That’s a little bit more than a couple of pounds isn’t it.. I’m not denying I’m a little on the chunky side,’ admits Andy, still trying to retain his humour. Tash feels that operating is too much of a risk. Liam bonds with Andy before he takes a turn for the worse and is rushed into theatre. Andy asks Liam: ‘Maybe she could do a bit of liposuction while she’s there,’ But his heart can’t take the strain and he dies on the table. Liam feels that Tash could have operated earlier but she explains that Andy’s death could not have been avoided. ‘We did everything we could. His size didn’t help.’

Later Liam goes to see Keri to return her necklace but Keri tells him ‘not to bother’ with it, which Liam finds hard to understand. He still hasn’t picked up on her anxiety between them eventhough he knows she took the morning after pill. ‘I always use protection, but for some reason I just forgot. Too much drink, I guess,’ he sheepishly admits.

Janice is having her first IVF implantation, but is disappointed with the lack of support from her husband Alistair. Just as he is holding her hand for the injection he gets called away by Chrissie and tells Janice, ‘They can’t seem to wait.’ ‘You must go then,’ replies Janice, adding as an afterthought, ‘It’s funny but I always assumed the father of my child would be present at the conception.’

Chrissie’s love life becomes public property when an ex-boyfriend refuses to accept that their relationship is over. Bringing a collection of her belongings to the ward, he throws them at her infront of her colleagues, including Alistair. Chrissie, as ever, exercises her customary cool manner and remains unfazed by the episode.


Ben Greene, a boy that has got concussion after having attacked a boy with a broken bottle. His mother refuses to think that he is behaving badly though and it is only after he has drunk almost a bottle of vodka and has to be stomach pumped that she realises things are not right.

Andy Thompson has come in for a hernia operation, but his weight stops them from operating, until he gets worse and they have to take him into surgery, where he dies

Felicity Lake is a little girl who has swallowed a doll shoe that now is stuck in her lungs. During surgery they also realise that she genetically is a boy, something that Felicity’s father finds difficult to handle

First Scene/words

[Liam’s alarm clock shows 8:15 and the alarm goes off, waking Liam up. He turns around in the bed and notices that Keri’s gone, but he finds her necklace in the bed.]

Last Scene/words

[Keri is trying to find her car keys, but she is upset and cannot find them, so Steve helps her and he wonders what is wrong when she snaps at him.]

Keri: It’s Liam.

Steve: What about him?

Keri: I was just having a bit of fun.

Steve: What happened?

Keri: We ended up together last night.

Steve: Okay, so that was what today was all about. Look, a one night stand with someone from work, it’s awkward, but you can sort it out.

Keri: I didn’t mind messing about a bit, but we kept kissing and the room was spinning and I told him I didn’t wanna go any further, but then… I must have blacked out.

Steve: What are you saying?

Keri: When I woke up, I realised… I think, I think Liam raped me.

Notable Facts

* Phill Jupitus plays Andy Thompson.

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