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Cas Series

S7 E10

S7 E10 (14 Nov 92) : Money Talks by Bryan Elsley

Episode Summary

Duffy receives the date for her cone biopsy. Sandra receives a formal letter informing her of her disciplinary hearing. Julian goes to see her at home and is introduced to her daughter, Laura. Ash tells off Nikki for buying clothes when they can’t afford it. Charlie is nursing a black eye from a drunk patient.

An electricity worker, Fred, on the day before he retires, sees a bird egg collector up a pylon, who has electrocuted himself. His colleague, Alan, goes up to get the climber down, who dies, but eager Fred follows him up and falls 30ft to the ground. He’s taken to A&E, where his wife, Dolly, blames his boss. In ITU, where he recovers, Dolly is glad he’s finally retired.

During the shift, Rob argues with Sandra, and denies instructing Sandra to inject the drug. Later a teenage girl, Jan, is brought in after a party she gatecrashes, unable to breath, with her brother, Dave and friend, Melody. Rob believes it to be just alcohol related and plans to discharge her, but Sandra thinks it has something to do with drugs. She rings Julian at home, who tells her she has every right to put her on a monitor. Julian decides to come in, and when Jan’s condition deteriorates, Sandra gets Dave and Melody to admit she took three ecstasy tablets, bought from Dave’s friend, Jez, who runs a drugs business with him. Dave’s mother, Sally, is furious with him.

An alcoholic boxer, Tom, is brought in with a cut eye, after losing in a fight. He tells his trainer, George, he no longer wants to fight. Tom suffers a detached retina and bruised ribs.

After the shift, Sandra visits Julian at home and prescribes ‘bed rest’.


* Fred – electricity worker falls 30ft from a pylon.

* Bird egg collector – climbs pylon to get eggs but electrocutes himself and dies.

* Jan – teenage girl, collapses after taking ecstasy at her brother’s party.

* Tom – alcoholic boxer, with a detached retina and bruised ribs after boxing fight.

First Scene/words

Countryside – electricity van going along road;

Alan : Overtime in your last week?

Fred : I don’t mind son

Alan : You’re gonna be late for your do. All the lads are gonna be there.

Fred : You can’t be a farmer without a power supply. Anyway it’ll be a nice view. There’s no rush.

Last Scene/words

Sandra : (goes to Julian’s house) Hi.

Julian : (surprised) Hi.

Sandra : Well I was just passing, thought you wouldn’t mind.

Julian : No no no no.. come in. Well this is a nice surprise, what do we do now?

Sandra : Well I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed. (both enter bedroom and door shuts)

Notable Facts

* Alex Walkinshaw (The Bill, Smithy) plays Alan.

* Sonia Kearns plays Melody.

* Jon Croft plays Fred.

* Marcia Warren plays Dolly.

* Lee Ross plays Dave.

* Nick Moran plays Jez.

* Harry Fowler plays George.

* Hannah Shepherd plays Laura Nicholl.

* Sandra has a blue front door.

* Ash’s car reg; BAB 162H.

* Fred works for Wyvern Electricity board. AF52 is the tower Fred falls from.

* Julian says he used to smoke 40 a day ‘forbidden pleasures are hard to resist’.

* Julian lives at No.5, with a white door.

Screencaps : S7 E10

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