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Cas Series

S21 E10

S21 E10 (11 Nov 06) : To Be a Parent by Nazrin Choudhury

Episode Summary

Sean calls an ambulance when he discovers a lorry full of illegal immigrants. Comfort and Josh respond to the call. Amongst the injured are a man, Osman, with a septic leg. Later a diversion is created so the lorry driver can help some if the immigrants escape from the police.

When Sean hurts his hand whilst helping and needs to go to hospital, Josh sees this as a perfect opportunity for Sean and Comfort to patch things up. Comfort realises she has made a huge mistake and rushes to catch him before he leaves.

Harry, meanwhile, is stunned when the NHS Trust offers him the job of running the new, ‘super ED’ which he has previously been against. With Holby ED closing, and more money and power on offer, Harry reconsiders all his options.

A traffic warden, Eddie, finds an Elvis impersonator collapsed in his car and calls 999. However he is also injured when the man headbutts him.

Selena treats a woman, Agnes, with a painkiller addicition, when she is brought in with a gastric ulcer. She is in love with her female friend, Matty, however Agnes’ daughter tries to put a stop to their relationship.


* Osman Deniz – septic leg.

* Agnes Ross – gastric ulcer.

* Eddie – broken nose.

Notable Facts

* With Holby ED’s close looming, Kelsey tells Abs ‘It’s alright for you, my records crap – I might not get another job!’

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