2.10 Staying Out – 27/1/00

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S2 E10 (27 Jan 00) : Staying Out by Maurice Bessman

Episode Summary

Ray’s talking to Kirstie and says that he’s won a few hundred pounds on the lottery and wants to go on holiday. Kirstie wants to know if he’ll take Damien and Ray says he probably won’t. However, he goes round to Damien’s for a meal and Damien is planning a romantic evening and asks Ray to move in. Ray says he’s not sure of his sexuality and says it’s wrong. Damien says Ray’s been taking advantage of him.

Tash is angry when she finds out that Jasmine has arranged a meeting for Tash with a journalist who’s investigating racism within hospitals and wants to know the opinions of black and Asian doctors. Tash complains to Kirstie and Kirstie asks why she doesn’t let everyone know that she’s a lesbian, so Tash tells the journalist she’s a lesbian. When she tells Mike what she’s said, Mike says some people on the trust board won’t like it.

Kath is angry with Danny when she learns that he’s placing bets on the crime a prisoner on the ward committed. He tells Julie that he’s guilty of fraud but is due out in a few months. He has swallowed drawing pins to get himself out of prison for a while. However, it turns out that in fact his son stabbed someone and that he took the blame so that his son could live a normal life. He tells Julie to protect Rosie no matter what.

Ray decides to go round to Damien’s to apologise. When he gets there, Damien’s lying on the sofa after an overdose. He immediately phones Kirstie and asks her to bring an ambulance. Damien is still semi-conscious and asks Ray if he loves him, and Ray tells him that he does. Kirstie arrives with Finlay Newton (from CASUALTY) and tries to resuscitate him but have to give up. Ray blames himself for Damien’s death but Kirstie tells him that no one on earth could have made him happy


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