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HC Character

Kian Madani

Played by Ramin Karimloo


S21 E17 ‘Pleased to Meet You’ –

Job Title

Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon

First Words

(to Essie, who is getting pestered by a drunk man at the bar) There you are! Sorry I’m late, parachute didn’t open.


Resourceful, unflappable and with a razor sharp wit, Kian seemingly breezes through life with ease. He’s got an air of casual charm about him, as if he’s permanently just rolled out of bed. Which he has, usually someone else’s, but on the whole Kian has nothing but respect for women. Kian loves food and if he doesn’t eat, he’s cranky. If Kian’s cranky, no one’s having fun.

Fun is important to Kian and he’s the king of pranks. Kian’s a lover not a fighter. The dark side of this can be that Kian is more interested in having fun than taking on responsibility and doing paperwork, which can leave those relying on him disappointed, or worse.

Memorable Moments

Love Interests

  • Essie Harrison
  • Vanessa Madani
  • Jac Naylor

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