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Cas Series

> Series 19

11/9/04 -20/8/05

Episode Listing

  • S19 E1 (11 Sep 04) : The Ties That Bind Us (Part One) by Catherine Tregenna
  • S19 E2 (12 Sep 04) : The Ties That Bind Us (Part Two) by Ginnie Hole
  • S19 E3 (18 Sep 04) : Out With a Bang by Emma Frost
  • S19 E4 (25 Sep 04) : Love Labour’s… Lost by Peter Mills
  • S19 E5 (2 Oct 04) : Facing Up by Linda Thompson
  • S19 E6 (9 Oct 04) : A Life Lost by Julie Dixon
  • S19 E7 (16 Oct 04) : When The Devil Drives by Paul Ebbs
  • S19 E8 (23 Oct 04) : Three’s A Crowd by David Robertson
  • S19 E9 (30 Oct 04) : Little White Lies by Stephen McAteer
  • S19 E10 (6 Nov 04) : Dangerous Games by Paul Marx
  • S19 E11 (13 Nov 04) : Horses for Courses by Jason Sutton
  • S19 E12 (20 Nov 04) : Past Imperfect by Danny McCahon
  • S19 E13 (27 Nov 04) : Responsibility by Danny McCahon
  • S19 E14 (4 Dec 04) : Love Bites by Julie Blackie
  • S19 E15 (18 Dec 04) : Who Knows Best by Peter Mills
  • S19 E16 (19 Dec 04) : Forsaking All Others by Emma Frost
  • S19 E17  (26 Dec 04) : Casualty @ Holby City (Part One) by Johanne McAndrew
  • S19 E18 (1 Jan 05) : Secrets We Keep by David Robertson
  • S19 E19 (8 Jan 05) : Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers by Paul Ebbs
  • S19 E20 (15 Jan 05) : First Do No Harm by Stephen McAteer
  • S19 E21 (22 Jan 05) : Thrown Out by Peter Mills
  • S19 E22 (29 Jan 05) : The Cost of Honesty by Peter Mills
  • S19 E23 (5 Feb 05) : Truth Will Out by Linda Thompson
  • S19 E24 (19 Feb 05) : Hoping, Wishing, Longing by Julie Blackie
  • S19 E25 (26 Feb 05) : Naming Names by Catherine Tregenna
  • S19 E26 (5 Mar 05) : Boys Don’t Cry by Jo O’Keefe
  • S19 E27 (13 Mar 05) : Family Day by Danny McCahon
  • S19 E28 (19 Mar 05) : Animals by Gregory Evans
  • S19 E29 (20 Mar 05) : Forbidden Love by Jason Sutton
  • S19 E30 (26 Mar 05) : And on That Farm by Steve McAteer
  • S19 E31 (2 Apr 05) : Running Out of Kisses by Paul Ebbs
  • S19 E32 (9 Apr 05) : In the Dark by Colin McDonald & Catherine Tregenna
  • S19 E33 (16 Apr 05) : Cops and Robbers by Katie Hims
  • S19 E34 (23 Apr 05) : Sweet Revenge by Jo O’Keefe
  • S19 E35 (30 Apr 05) : Desperate Measures by Ro Hume
  • S19 E36 (7 May 05) : A Question of Loyalty by Peter Mills
  • S19 E37 (14 May 05) : Fat Chance by Danny McCahon & Robert Scott-Fraser
  • S19 E38 (4 Jun 05) : Truth and Consequences by Robert Scott-Fraser
  • S19 E39 (11 Jun 05) : Baby Love by Peter Lloyd
  • S19 E40 (18 Jun 05) : Swallowers by Gregory Evans
  • S19 E41 (25 Jun 05) : The Long Goodbye by Nick West
  • S19 E42 (9 Jul 05) : A Father’s Love by Stephen McAteer
  • S19 E43 (16 Jul 05) : There Are Worse Things I Could Do by Julie Blackie
  • S19 E44 (23 Jul 05) : Brief Encounters by Catrin Clarke
  • S19 E45 (30 Jul 05) : Aftermath by Jason Sutton
  • S19 E46 (6 Aug 05) : You Need Friends by Jo O’Keefe
  • S19 E47 (13 Aug 05) : Smoke & Mirrors by Ro Hume
  • S19 E48 (20 Aug 05) : Truth, Lies and Videotape by Peter Mills



With another increase in episodes; Casualty runs nearly throughout the year. With just a two week break between Series 18 and 19, fans didn’t have long to get over their grief of losing Simon Kaminski in a plane crash, before being thrown into the grips of a harrowing opening double episode. Gone was the usual major incident that usually opens a series, but that wasn’t to mean it was any less dramatic as viewers watched the trauma of a mother whose two children goes missing; one of whom is eventually found dead.

Series Producer Mervyn Watson said, ‘The two part episodes we’ve screened in the past have always been successful, with the Sunday night episode proving to be particularly popular. The difference this time is that we’re telling a different story – rather than staging a disaster, we wanted to highlight the strains the emergency services face.’

After 19 years, Watson explained why he thinks the show is still a success, ‘19 years is a remarkable achievement. I think it’s because we’re constantly reinventing ourselves and we don’t take ourselves for granted.’

After the loss of some key characters last series including Lara, Simon and Nikki, viewers were anxious if Casualty could maintain it’s success; they brought in the return of Selena Donovan, bringing mixed emotions for troubled Harry, newly arrived Nina’s step sister Ellen Zitek out to cause a storm, Tess’ son Sam Bateman, new SHO Guppy Sandhu and paramedic Woody – who arrives to replace Fin, who is tragically killed.

With the influx of new characters and a promising series opening, Series 19 was looking good. And at Christmas, fans were delighted to see Casualty and it’s sister show Holby City pair up for the first time for a double episode, which resulted in the death of Paediatrician Jim Brodie.

The most memorable storyline this series was that of receptionist Bex Reynold’s rape ordeal at the hands of nurse Claire’s brother Pete which happened mid-way through the series. Actress Sarah Manners was determined to do the storyline justice, ‘The issue of acquaintance rape is extremely sensitive and Adam James, who plays Pete, and I, both knew we had to get it just right’. The story was carried throughout the rest of the series, from the court case which resulted in Pete’s acquital, to Bex pushing Pete to his death and to the episode finale in which suicidal Claire ploughed her car into the harbour with boyfriend Luke and Charlie inside.

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