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HC Past Series

S5 E40

s5e40S5 E40 (8 Jul 03) : Crossing the Line by Al Hunter Ashton

Episode Summary

Ric is driving but is held up. Diane phones him about a patient. The police come back to check Elizabeth is okay with Zubin coming back. Kath watches Elizabeth and her husband carefully. She explains to Chrissie that he reminds her of Simon. Zubin goes to see a patient when he should be at home. He makes excuses for Tom being there. Chrissie manages to get Mr Woods to go home for a while. Elizabeth tries to make Chrissie believe he’s a good man. Chrissie repeats what Elizabeth said to Kath who becomes suspicious. As Chrissie takes Elizabeth to x ray they bump into Ric and Zubin who are leaving. Kath makes eye contact with Elizabeth knowing the truth. Kath also makes eye contact with Chrissie as the lift shuts and the look seems to show hatred between them. Kath speaks to Elizabeth saying they should stick together and look out for each other. Kath goes to see Zubin outside. During their conversation she admits to him about her abuse from Simon. She says Elizabeth will say something and not to worry about feeling like people have forgotten him, she knows how he feels. He goes back into the hospital saying he will talk to the only person who can drop the charges – Elizabeth. Kath chases Zubin form the car park up past theatre and asks Ric to help her control Zubin. Zubin goes into where Elizabeth. Kath rushes to her side and holds her. Elizabeth admits the truth as Zubin goes to hit her husband but Ric and Tom – who has heard the commotion, manage to hold him back. Zubin sits with Elizabeth. She apologises profusely for almost ruining his life. Zubin says he did love her before leaving.

Sandy does her own little bet as a fun thing for Darwin and Keller. Kath gets the iron maiden to which she tells Kelly to make no comment. Kelly helps a patient to find the right time to tell her daughter the turth on how her brother died. Kelly goes to AAU where she moans to Lisa about ‘that old Fox woman’ Lisa says that down in AAU she is that Fox woman and Kelly realises that Lisa and Kath are somehow related but asks no questions. Kelly helps her patient to talk but she goes into arrest. Ric, Diane and Kath try to save her but she passes away. Ric and Kath tell the devastated daughter about her mother but the daughter blames herself for her mother’s death. Sandy gives Ric the money he won from the bet Sandy organised.

Tom brings up to Anita about him and Alex seeing Charles Merrick. He mentions how Victoria was murdered. When he see’s Alex he mentions it. Putting Alex on edge. Tom asks Anita for them to go to dinner. Anita plays game with him. Charles Merrick shows Alex, Tom and Anita what would happen at the op. Alex leaves. Charles follows and offers to help him because he’s a good surgeon and he couldn’t help Victoria. Alex agrees to surgery with Charles since Charles wants to help Alex.


Elizabeth Woods – Admitted to Darwin for her allegded mugging, but is recovering from her husbands actions.

Anne Meredith – Patient on Keller who later dies leaving her daughter to blame herself.

Notable Facts

Emma Samms plays Elizabeth Woods.

Screencaps : S5 E40

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