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Cas Character

Tariq Hussein

Played by Manpreet Bachu


S38 E15 ‘Haunted’ –

Job Title

ST1 Doctor

First Words

Rash is struggling preparing his father for his funeral, he comes across Tariq at the mosque and they embrace.

Tariq: Rash!


Cousin, Rash Masum


Tariq is charming, confident, effortlessly cool and just a little bit arrogant. He likes to work hard and play even harder.

He is the cousin of Rash and we are first introduced to him at Rash’s father’s funeral before he starts work in the ED in S38 E19, having previously worked in a state of the art hospital in Australia. Tariq persuades Rash to let him move into his house but because they are so different, the pair clash.

Memorable Moments

  • S38 E15 – We first meet Tariq at Rash’s father’s funeral.
  • S38 E22 – Rash and Tariq come to blows when Tariq lets slip information to a patient that she hadn’t been told about yet.

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