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Cas Character

Rashid Masum

Played by Neet Mohan


S32 E11 –

Job Title


First Words

(to his Mum) It’s not my first day, just my first in A&E and I’ll only be observing


Cheerful but anxious doctor, Rashid is the youngest of a large family. His sibling are all high-flyers so he feels he needs to prove himself but doesn’t have the confidence to back himself up. Still living at home, with his overprotected mother, Rash sees his position at Holby a chance to reinvent himself.

Rash starts a relationship with porter Gemma but it’s yet to see if it will stand the test of time.

Memorable Moments

  • S32 E11 – Rash’s first day gets off to a bad start when his mum nearly runs over Connie in the car park.
  • S32 E12 – David realises Rash’s nerves are more extreme than most people’s and decides to help the young doctor in his usual unique fashion.
  • S32 E14 – David offers to be Rash’s wingman to help conquer his nerves.
  • S32 E16 – Rash gets a confidence boost from nurse David, who has taken him under his wing. But Rash’s bubble bursts when his ex, Jesse, arrives in the ED needing treatment and she is not happy to see him.
  • S32 E23 – Rash reveals his secret to Bea that he is a virgin.
  • S32 E24 – Rash is a big hit with some older ladies when a number of care home residents are admitted.
  • S32 E26 – Rash makes an unfair assumption that Gemma has stolen his wallet. But some of the staff teach him a lesson.
  • S32 E28 – Rash’s new-found confidence is tested when he treats a prisoner, who also leads Gemma into danger.
  • S32 E29 – Rash tries to conquer his fears and ask Gemma out.
  • S32 E34 – Rash is jealous of new porter Rob, who’s a big hit with Gemma.
  • S32 E40 – Rash, Gemma and Noel face the wrath of Connie when her goldfish dies in their care.
  • S32 E43 – Rash tries to ask Gemam out after getting dating advice from Eddie.

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