Gemma Dean

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Played by Rebecca Ryan


S31 E19 ‘Little Sister’ –

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First Words

I didn’t mean to do that I swear. Please wake up.


Memorable Moments

  • S31 E19 – Gemma makes her debut.
  • S32 E24 – Gemma proves her worth as her first day as a porter.
  • S32 E26 – Rash makes an unfair assumption that Gemma has stolen his wallet. But some of the staff teach him a lesson.
  • S32 E28 – Rash’s new-found confidence is tested when he treats a prisoner, who also leads Gemma into danger.
  • S32 E29 – Rash tries to conquer his fears and ask Gemma out.
  • S32 E34 – Rash is jealous of new porter Rob, who’s a big hit with Gemma.
  • S32 E40 – Rash, Gemma and Noel face the wrath of Connie when her goldfish dies in their care.
  • S32 E43 – Rash tries to ask Gem out after getting dating advice from Eddie.


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