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Cas Series

4.3 A Grand in the Hand – 22/9/89

S4 E3 (22 Sep 89) : A Grand in the Hand by Sam Snape

Episode Summary

Four young people – brother and sister, Karen and Richard Cumming, Graham and Lorna come out of the ‘European Single Market’ seminar singing and drinking, and get into a yellow mini. Meanwhile, Virginia, a suicidal woman, accelerates her car into a wall – but she collides with the yellow mini – three of them die, and the driver, Richard, is brought in with broken bones in his face. His Mum, Pamela, and other sister, Sheila, arrive and tell him the bad news. A PC, who has found cans of lager in the mini and wants to breathalise Richard, but Andrew tells him it will prove fatal. Sheila is angry and goes to see Virginia in a ward, where Virginia admits it was her fault and she didn’t mean to hurt anyone else.

On a building site, Bobby Masters, slips on scaffolding and hot bitumen spills onto him. In casualty his boss, John Breckman, tries to buy his silence with £1000, but his wife, Helen, is persuaded by Valerie to sue – and Helen gives him back his money.

A squash player, Matthew Taylor, dislocates his shoulder, Lucy tries to put it back into place but fails – it’s the strength of Charlie that succeeds.

Serena Thompson has swallowed a razor blade – and is glad at the attention and Charlie recognises a regular old man, Tommy Boyle. [ID 339]Alex[/ID] soothes a young girl worried about her pet chicken.

Charlie catches Megan taking Valium from the store cupboard, she admits she is dependant, but promises she won’t take any more. Valerie overhears and says she should report it, but Charlie refuses. Cyril has decided no to go to California and Duffy tells Andrew she’s pregnant.


* Virginia Wilson – suicidal woman causes RTA with yellow mini, when she speeds into a wall. Suffers lacerations and concussion.

* Karen Cumming, Lorna and Graham – all die in RTA

* Richard Cumming – driver suffers broken bones in face.

* Matthew Taylor – squash player with dislocated shoulder.

* Serena Thompson – x-ray shows she has swallowed a razor blade.

* Builder Bobby Masters – hot bitumen falls on him – severe burns – sent to Ashton Burns Unit.

* Regular Tommy Boyle.

First Scene/words

Karen, Richard, Graham and Lorna come out of seminar singing National Anthem, and get into car

One : A toast to 1992! Come on Richard!

Last Scene/words

John : Save yourself some grief eh, keep it

Helen : Take it

John : Put it in your bag

Helen : Take it

John : Don’t be a mug Helen

Helen : Sod you, sod the game (Valerie looks on smiling)

John : Can’t buck the market darling

Helen : Stuff it (walks out)

Notable Facts

* Joe McGann (The Upper Hand) plays Bobby Masters.

* Shirin Taylor plays Helen Masters.

* Alex owns a Kawazaki 500 motorbike.

* Jimmy is told off for getting the x-rays mixed up.

* The girl’s chicken is called ‘Orange’.

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