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Cas Series

4.4 Day Off – 29/9/89

s4e4S4 E4 (29 Sep 89) : Day Off by Jacqueline Holborough

Episode Summary

In the Kings Arm pub, Jimmy Powell finds the pub comedian, Arthur Drury, stabbed in the toilets. He needs a chest drain. Two policeman, DS Prescott and DS Monahan, suspect Jimmy, until they find evidence the killer is a deranged young man, who came in earlier with slashed wrists, but fled. His flat mate is also brought in, after being attacked by him, his skull has caved in and he dies. The killer is seen about to jump infront of a train.

Alex gives a patient with neck muscle spasms a painkiller before the doctor sees him. Duffy witnesses this and reprimands her heavily, she wants to report her but Charlie and Lucy persuade her not to.

A man, with a boil on his bum, complains to Julie about seeing a cockroach, a punk Harry comes in with a cut face, as well as a woman, Joyce, who has swallowed bleach, a woman with a cut on her foot, and a flurry of minor injuries turn up after a spoke bomb in the city.

Jimmy tries to liven up the department by moving round the chairs in reception, bringing books and a food trolley, but again faces the wrath of Charlie.

Andrew is discussing a new post, hoping Duffy will go with him, but she tells Andrew she is going to have the baby on her own, and that their relationship is over. Jimmy asks Julie out and she accepts. Megan tells Charlie she is gradually cutting down on tranquilisers and Lucy has her exams coming up.


* Arthur Drury – comedian stabbed in pub, needs chest drain* Man – flatmate also attacks him, he dies in CRASH.

* Deranged killer – comes in with slit wrists, leaves and is seen jumping infront of train.

* Joyce – swallowed bleach.

* Man – muscle spasms in neck.

* Harry – a punk with a gash to the face.

* Moaning man with a boil on his bum, he eventually decides to go to Queens.

* Mike Hallam – a plumber who also complains about the service.

* Woman with cut on back of foot.

* Clive Jolly – rapid heart rate.

First Scene/words

In the pub, Kings Arm;

Arthur : I see we’ve got a few City fans in today

People : Yeah!

Arthur : A few, well there’s not many left, let’s face it. They haven’t been doing too well lately have they? Did you hear about the goalkeeper, tried to commit suicide after last Saturday’s match, he did, no it’s very sad, he walked all the way down to Holby railway station and threw himself infront of a train, it went straight through his legs!

Last Scene/words

Jimmy : I wanted to ask you.. how’s the comedian?

Charlie : Oh looks like he’s going to be OK. I hear you brought him in – nice work (Jimmy smiles)

Notable Facts

* Lucy says she’d like to go into Geri Surgery.

* Jimmy types on the Reception moving notice board ‘The PM wishes you a speedy recovery’

* Megan grew up in the country.

* Jimmy has a criminal record for stealing a car when he was 16.

* Julie is having Jimmy round for supper with her parents and then of to the ‘Manhattan’ club.

* Julie has a brother who is a bounder at the ‘Manhattan’ club.

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