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Cas Series

S8 E08

s8e8S8 E8 (6 Nov 93) : Born Losers (no writer credited)

Episode Summary

Two police men go round to an old mans house. He has reported a burglary. When they arrive there is no answer, so one of the policemen try the door. He gets an electric shock, the old man – Willy – had wired up the door handle to the electricity to prevent further burglaries. The policeman and Willy are taken into hospital as Willy has injured his hand. The uninjured policeman loses his temper with Willy, but later apologises. Willy has to be arrested.

Charlie snaps at Adele when she arrives, as she is late. Duffy tells her to ignore him, as he was like that with her and she was on time. Ash still has not arrived. A man stops his car on the way to work to ask for directions. Whilst Ash is helping the man, another opens his car door and steals his bag. Both the men run but Ash chases them, only stopping when one pulls out a knife. When Ash finally arrives at work, Charlie does not give him a chance to explain, but shouts at him. Ash finally says that he was mugged, and Charlie apologises to him. The men who stole Ash’s bag inject his insulin. Later, they attempt to rob another car, but one of the men collapses whilst reaching into the car from the insulin. He is taken into hospital where Ash recognises him. He persuades the robber to tell him where his friend is, as if he has also injected, he could be really ill. When the other thief is found, he is dead.

Ash talks to Charlie about Ken, who has got another job in a different hospital. Charlie tells Ash that Ken loved him, and although he had looked deep inside himself, he wasn’t gay.

A woman and her boyfriend are on a rock-climbing trip with some others. In the van that they are travelling in, the woman’s boyfriend suspects another man of flirting with her, and loses control of the vehicle. They are all badly injured.

Angela and her family come to visit her mum, Peggy. They are moving away the next day. When they have gone home, Peggy collapses from bad stomach pains. She phones an ambulance and is taken to hospital. Mike discovers that she has a calcified foetus implanted in her abdomen from the last time she tried to conceive a baby. Peggy tells Duffy that her daughter is adopted, and she is moving away to live near her birth mother. She says that she does not want the operation to remove the foetus, as she has already “lost” one child that day. Duffy tries hard to convince her to stay as her condition is serious, but Peggy leaves.

Mark tells the staff of A&E that Jane Scott will become the new line manager. They are unamused. Josh is the last to find out and is hurt that Jane had not told him that she was taking the management course.


* Police Man – Electric Shock.

* Willy – Injured hand.

* Man who stole from Ash – collapses after injecting insulin.

* other robber – dies after injecting insulin.

* Peggy – Stomach pains.

* Various injuries when van crashed

First Scene/words

Two policemen are walking round a house, shouting to see if anyone is in.

Last Scene/words

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