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Cas Series

S8 E05

s8e5S8 E5 (16 Oct 93) : Sunday, Bloody Sunday by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

A man walks into his house to find it in a bad way. He has been burgled. He walks through the mess upstairs, shouting for his daughter, Kathy. He finds her huddled up in the corner of her room, crying. She looks as if she has been attacked so he calls an ambulance. At the hospital, she reveals to Duffy and Karen that she has been raped. The man who burgled the house was a friend of hers, and she’d agreed to let him stage a burglary and share the profits with him. She also tells her Dad Peter this, who won’t listen to her when she tries to apologise, and says he’s just glad that she’s okay. She tells him she only agreed to it because she didn’t think that her Dad loved her as he was never at home.

The man that attacked Kathy, Ian Wheater, is also brought in with a deep cut to his leg. Kathy recognises him and tells Duffy that he is the man who attacked her. Ian’s girlfriend later comes in and finds out what he has done.

Ken asks Charlie if he has done anything wrong because Duffy is acting strangely towards him. Charlie tells him that he hasn’t, but he thinks Duffy may be jealous of their friendship. He also admits that he’s probably also jealous of Duffy, because one day he wants to settle down with a wife and children. Ken is suprised when Charlie says that he wants a wife.

An old man, Ron Lucas, is brought in who has hit his head on a cupboard door. He knows from previous visits to the doctors that he has something wrong with him – he suspects cancer. Karen also realises that there is something wrong and sends him for some tests. It turns out that he doesn’t have cancer, and the man and his wife Enid are overjoyed.

A man, Alan Graham, is brought into A&E after crashing his car. He dies, and his wife, Jane and her friend Maggie come in. Their husbands had been out together. Jane didn’t love Alan, and calls a friend from her office. When he arrives, they kiss. When the two women go to see the body, they realise that it is Maggie’s husband David – not Alan. Maggie breaks down – she is pregnant. The two men had swapped jackets earlier in the day which had lead to the mix up at the hospital. Alan arrives, he is unharmed.

Norma tells Ash that her disciplinary hearing is the next day. She asks if he would come along and sit with her, as a friend. She also reveals that she is going to resign, as she feels she doesn’t have to explain her actions to anyone.


* David – dies in car crash.

* Kathy Hart – cuts and bruises, she’s been raped.

* Ian Wheater – cut to leg.

* Ron Lucas – cut to head.

First Scene/words

Peter Hart enters his house and finds it in a mess – he has been burgled. He walks through his house, searching for his daughter;

Peter: Kathy! Kathy! Kath? Kath?

He climbs the stairs and knocks on her bedroom door;

Peter: Kathy, are you in here? Kathy? Can you hear me?

Last Scene/words

Mike: Come on – what is it that gets under your skin so fast?

Karen: When people don’t try, I think. When they dont do their best, I don’t really know.

Mike: No, it’s more personal than that. Look, I clambered down from my high horse, will you attempt to climb down from yours?

Karen: I’ve got so much further to go! Well, its…..

Charlie: There’s a patient in triage. Pressure’s dropped into his boots. Cubicle 7.

Karen: Saved by the bell.

Notable Facts

* Craig Kelly (Daniel Perryman s10) plays Ian Wheater.

* Liza Walker plays Kathy Hart.

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