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HC Past Series

S5 E30

s5e30S5 E30 (29 Apr 03) : Glass Half Empty by Stuart Morris

Episode Summary

Diane and Ric are standing by Ric talking of his situation now. Diane doesn’t know what to say to Steve as Ric leaves her. Diane is talking to Steve. Steve asks for Robbie but Diane doesn’t know where he is. Steve asks to see his amputated leg with the bandages still on. Diane cries as she tell Steve that Ben died and Steve snaps at her. Diane speaks to Alex as she takes Steve back to a side room on a trolley. Diane offers to go with Alex to see Ethan Hope but Alex says she doesn’t need to. Alex leaves to go to theatre. Diane goes to ask Kath if she could do obs on Steve. Kath agrees and goes to see Steve. Chrissie and Diane stand watching her. Diane says Kath shouldn’t be back. Diane asks Ric how Kath being with Steve on her first day back will help her after what she’s dealing with. Ric says it’ll help her and to trust him. Kath tries to get through to Steve telling him it must then be her fault that Danny got sacked as he hit a patient. Robbie turns up at the nurse’s station where Kath finds him and reunites father and son together in Steve’s room. Steve tells Robbie to go to the police. Robbie leaves when Diane comes in. Kath looks into her mirror before stepping out of her office. As she walks to the nurse’s station several nurses greet her back. Chrissie also welcomes Kath and apologises for the state of the filing. Kath then asks after Lisa and apologises for Chrissie being kicked out. Chrissie says she hasn’t seen Lisa. Kath tells Steve not to blame himself for everything. Kath leaves Steve for a minute to speak to Ric. Ric tells her she’s best being with Steve on her first day back as she is a good nurse. Ric also informs Steve that they should be able to fit him with a protesthetic leg within three weeks and hopefully he could be working by four months. Ric see’s Robbie walk off and calls after him. Ric has stern words with Robbie. Ric then instructs Robbie to wait for Kath so that she can talk to him. Ric believes it will help her realise she’s doing all right. Kath goes to speak to Robbie trying to make him realise what he’s doing to Steve. Robbie says he was sorry. Kath still continues to try until Robbie says not to bother talking, he knows who she was. He walks off after calling Kath the ‘angel of death’ Kath looks stunned and hurt by the comment. Kath is shaking too much to do the paperwork on the drugs that have been delivered to Keller. In amongst the lot are Alex’s. Ric tries to reassure Kath although she doesn’t seem to believe him. Diane offers to give Alex his medication. Kath talks to Steve who tells her to stop covering what she’s saying. He knows what she is saying so why try and cover it. Robbie comes back as Kath leaves. He tells Steve that Kath has spoken to him. Diane goes to see Alex about the prescription drugs as soon as he comes out of theatre. Diane says she knows what’s wrong and questions why he didn’t tell her the results. Alex says the shakes will only go away if it’s Parkinson’s with the medication. Alex is determined to prove Ethan and Diane wrong about the Parkinson’s. Robbie informs Steve he is going to go the police for Steve. Kath goes to sort out Steve as Robbie leaves. Steve tells Robbie he’s proud and hopes he’ll be back soon which Robbie says he will if he’s not arrested. Kath then persuades Steve that she’ll come back tomorrow if he agrees to having his physio. Steve tells her he is sorry for the pain she is going through what with the trial and Terry’s death. Kath leaves him to it as it is nearly the end of her shift. Kath speaks to Ric outside Steve’s room. He asks how Steve seemed, to which Kath replies she thinks he’s going to win. Ric then asks how she is which she replies as she walks away she’s heading for the finish line.

Lisa, Mubbs and Owen are talking in Maternity about Lisa leaving and Ben’s funeral. It’s planned that Lisa will be going somewhere that evening from the airport. Lisa opens Ben’s locker to clear out the items for Ben’s parents. As she does so she finds her leaving present and card ready for her. Lisa and Mubbs discuss a patient with Cerebral Palsy. She is pregnant with quads whilst Mubbs and Lisa see different opinions to the situation. Lisa and Mubbs argue about the patient. Owen speaks to Lisa about it being she last day in Maternity. He apologises for not exactly being cheerful about it. Although Lisa says she doesn’t mind, as everyone is preoccupied with the death of Ben. Owen and Mubbs give Lisa her leaving presents of a camera and some kind of doll. Lisa tells Owen and Mubbs to pose for the camera. She takes a picture of Mubbs and Owen, Mubbs with his arm leant on Owen’s shoulder. Lisa walks away as Owen tells Mubbs to move his arm from Owen’s shoulder.

Alex is waiting in supposed to be waiting in theatre for the patient being admitted to Darwin by Chrissie and Ed. Alex is actually seeing Ethan Hope (Diane’s friend) who shows Alex the result’s of his scan. Ethan informs Alex he believes they are dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Alex begins in theatre. Soon after beginning the operation he and Ed disagree. Ed and Alex continue to talk during theatre and argue more. Ed and Alex discuss a Romanian patient who has a raised white cell count. Alex decides to go ahead with the op even though Ed believed he would go off the thought of theatre. Ed and Alex are then in theatre. It is a crucial stage in the operation. Alex tries to keep his cool with Ed. Alex and Ed are still in theatre with their Romanian patient, as the first patient they operated on is needed to be rushed back into theatre. Alex is called and he tells Ed to continue with their current operation, but to call if he needs help. Alex goes into the next theatre awaiting for the patient to be brought down. Chrissie gets approached on the Ward by the ex fiance of her patient. Chrissie says she doesn’t need him quite now and that he should leave. The ex leaves as Chrissie whispers to Ed he could have the patient.


Molly – Maternity Patient with Cerebral Palsy

Arena – Romanian heart patient

Steve Waring

Andrew Bowen – Patient admitted to Darwin at the beginning of episode with heart patient.


Screencaps : S5 E30

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