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HC Past Series

14.06 No Shortcuts – 22/11/11

S14 E6 (22 Nov 11) : No Shortcuts by Stuart Morris

Episode Summary

When Malick hears about Michael’s resignation, he opts to spend the day on AAU trying to impress him. Malick and Luc argue over the treatment of a trauma patient with glass stuck in his leg. Malick lets his ego trump his judgement and when things go wrong in theatre, he has to call on Michael for help.

Sahira’s had enough of Greg’s special treatment and tell him to keep his distance. He treats a pregnant patient with a heart murmur, but when the patient grows anxious and demands a second opinion, he turns to Sahira for help resulting in an impromptu reunion of team Greg and Sahira.

With Dan on a conference in Miami, Oliver is left in charge of all things orthopaedic. He treats a patient with a damaged finger but just as she is about to be discharged, she complains of abdominal pains. Oliver assists Ric in conducting the GS procedure, whilst attempting to complete an extremely mundane task left by Dan.

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