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Cas Series

S13 E11

S13 E11 (7 Nov 98) : Next of Kin by Patrick Wilde

Episode Summary

A tree protest is going on: some people are barricading the way, singing. Others are in the trees. In a mobile hut Josh is playing cards (and losing) with another man. Penny comes up and tells them that they are going to start moving people. In the tree, one guy (Kenny) tells the other (Michael) that the waiting is nearly over. They look through binoculars at the police etc. coming to move them.Down there, a baillif (Graham) asks another man (Donald) to tell the protesters to move. Donald says he can’t tell them what to do. In the tree, Michael looks down at the barricaders through his binoculars. He sees one young woman (Asha Guptah) and is surprised to see her there. He tells Kenny, who looks down, and she waves to him. He goes down to her and tells her he’ll take her up to show her. He asks if she’s afraid of heights and she says she isn’t.

In A&E, Adam asks Charlie if everything’s OK, and Charlie tells him that they’re about to evacuate the tree protesters. Adam says he wishes he could follow Eve’s example and take five weeks’ holiday.

Kenny and Asha climb up to the platform in the tree as they start to move the barricaders. Graham goes up to one woman (Julia) whom he knows and treats her roughly, grabbing her then knocking her over. From the tree platform, Michael speaks to a tunneler (Rushy) and tells her they’ve got rid of the barricaders. Julia is on her way to get into the ambulance, speaking to Donald, her husband. He won’t come with her in the ambulance as he says he’s needed there.

Asha and Kenny reach the tree platform. Michael isn’t nice to her. kenny tells her to sit down. Michael and Kenny argue, then Michael goes – Kenny asks where and he says, “where the action is.” Asha asks Kenny why Michael doesn’t like her; he says Michael’s jealous, as he fancies Kenny. Asha tells him she is afraid of heights;Kenny says that Michael is afraid of depths.

Adam tells Eve that her five-week holiday is the talk of the whole admin department and asks how she swung it with Charlie. Eve tells him Charlie doesn’t know about it yet. Adam says nothing and goes. Charlie asks Eve for a word, but there is chaos in reception so Eve goes to help sort it out. Two policemen bring in Frank Gallagher and he is taken to a cubicle by Mark. On the way, George makes a snide remark to Mark about flowers from his patients.

Asha asks Kenny about his family; he says the community there is his family. She asks about his real family, and he doesn’t answer. Donald radios Kenny to tell him that they’ve asked him to persuade them to come down. Michael arrives in the tunnel below.

Max arrives in A&E. Charlie asks him to see to an eco-warrior brought in by the policemen. The policemen say he isn’t an eco-warrior; they picked him up from a squat, and his mate scarpered. Max goes, and the policeman tells Amy sarcastically that it’s nice to have mates who stick by you. She replies, “And policemen always stick by you?”Max comes into the cubicle where Mark is treating Frank. He sees who it is, then goes out again, in shock. Charlie tells him they need his name so they can contact the relatives; Max isn’t listening. Charlie asks Eve for a word. She says in a moment, but he insist it has to be now.

Donald goes up to Graham and threatens him, “If anything happens to my wife…”. Graham insults the protestors; Donald says he’s only the leader of the locals, not the others, and he can’t order them around.

Max goes in to see Frank; Mark is still there. Max tries to wake Frank, who comes round a bit and recognises him. Max calls him by his name. Frank tells him to leave him alone. Mark tells Sunny to get Charlie or George.

In Charlie’s office, he’s going on at Eve for going against his wishes. She says she’s entitled to her holiday. He says, “Five weeks all at once? What about this team?” She tells him she needs a break; there is life outside Holby A&E – he knows that. He asks why he had to find out from someone else and she says she hasn’t had chance to tell him. Sunny comes in and tells them Mark needs help. Charlie more or less orders eve to go. She turns round at the door and tells him it isn’t about the team, it’s about him; he doesn’t run the hospital and he doesn’t run her life.

Frank is objecting to Max being there – Max is treating him roughly, and Mark asks Max to go. Eve comes and calls George. George tells Mark that Frank was in a few weeks ago and tells him what happened. Mark thinks that explains Max’s behaviour, but George says she treated him last time. Mark wonders how he knew Max, and tells her that Max called him Frank.

Michael radios to Kenny and asks if he’s OK up there. He asks someone to check the air pipe; it’s fine. Kenny tells Asha he shouldn’t have brought her up. He says he hopes Michael’s OK ad tells her that he and Michael were really close once, telling each other everything. He says Michael was like a brother to him, not like his real brother, who’s in the army.

Charlie tells Sean that Max wants to see him. He asks Sam in reception if he’s busy, inplying that he isn’t, and Sam shows him that he’s sorting out the forms. Sam asks Chloe why Charlie’s in a bad mood, and she tells him about Eve’s leave. Sam says that this place has its compensations, like men in uniform, then asks why she’s having such a long holiday, suggesting it’s maternity leave. Amy gets very upset and walks out. Chloe tells Sam he’s so insensitive and follows her. Sam asks Adam if he is insensitive, and Adam says the word was invented for him.

The police etc are chasing the protestors. Asha is scared and Kenny tries to give her a harness so they can move safely, but she says she has to get down and starts to climb down. He follows her. Asha falls. Kenny climbs down to where she has landed, hanging over a branch, but knocks her off and they both fall to the ground, Kenny’s head landing on a branch. Soil starts to come down from part of the roof of the tunnel. They get some wood to prop it up. Michael starts to panic.

Sam is taking charge at reception. Julia is asking if her husband has called, which he hasn’t. Eve asks Sam where Amy and Chloe are. Sam asks Sunny to fetch Amy. Sunny pretends to object and Sam yells at him.

Max is giving Sean a mock questioning for his court case, and giving him a hard time of it. He tells him to stick to his statement and that he shouldn’t have an opinion about Eugene’s friends, just say he didn’t notice them. Sean says that he did notice them. Max tells him he did nothing wrong. Sean tells him that he wanted to get rid of Eugene. Max says if he says that he’ll be seen as guilty. George comes in. Sean leaves and on his way out Max tells him that a haircut wouldn’t be a bad idea. George tells Max that the overdose patient is stable and asks Max if he knows him. She hassles him about it until he tells her that Frank is his son.

Chloe is trying to cheer Amy up. Amy says she’s pregnant, partnerless and terrified. She says she can’t even enjoy chocolate any more; Chloe says if that’s the case there’s no point in living. they both laugh.

Asha and Kenny are brought into resusc. Kenny has serious head injuries. They don’t know who he is as he has no ID, only a donor card on which the signature is illegible.

In the tunnel, Michael is claustrophobic. Donald tells them by radio that they want him out, and tell him that Kenny has been taken to hospital. Michael tells him they’ll come out but only if he can go to see Kenny. The police agree, just to put an end to it. Max tells Sean that he doesn’t think Kenny will make it. Sean looks upset.

Adam tells Eve he dropped her in it with Charlie and says sorry. He asks her about the guy with the sexy Scottish voice, and she complains about the news about her spreading round the department.

Asha is doing OK, but Max says with Kenny its just a case of waiting for the inevitable in ITU. Asha asks for Kenny and Charlie asks her about his family. Alll she knows is tat her brotheris in the army, at the local barracks. She doesn’t know his surname but she says that Michael will know. They take her to a cubicle.

Duffy tells Sean that Kenny not going to pull through isn’t his fault; he did all he could; he can’t bring what happened with Eugene to every patient he treats. Sean says he doesn’t, it just comes with him every day, reminding him that if he messes up someone might die. Duffy says he didn’t mess up. Sean says the coroner will decide it was professional negligence. He says Max is afraid of telling him the truth. Duffy tells him to have a word with Charlie – he’ll know what’s best. “You think so?” asks Sean. “Yeah, that’s why he’s Charlie”. Josh comes up and asks Duffy if she can lend him £200. Duffy says she can’t help. Penny sees her offering what money she can.

Graham tells Donald they need to know Kenny’s surname and next of kin. Donald tells him not to come near until everyone is out of the tunnel. He radios to ask for Kenny’s details, and Michael tells him.

Asha’s father comes in, asking to see her; Sam asks him to wait in reception but he asks Max, who’s rude to him. Charlie asks Asha’s dad to wait in his office and tells Max that they’ve found out about Kenny’s family and his brother’s coming in.

Michael and the others come out of the tunnel to be met by Donald. Josh tells Graham that Kenny won’t make it and Graham tells this to Donald on the radio. Michael hears and runs back into the tunnel, followed by Donald. The bailiffs come and the others run. graham tries to pull Michael out of the tunnels.

George is annoyed with Max. He says he knows it looks like he doesn’t care about Frank but he does try to love him. He says he’s done talking. George says Frank’s not the first to get himself in a mess. Max wants Frank off his back; George says he will be if the police get him.They start moving machines in to the trees. Rushy tells them that Michael’s still in the tunnel. They stop the machines, but men are still throwing things down from the trees and the tunnel collapses.

Asha’s father tells Charlie that she is a good girl with a good job; he can’t see why she joined the protest. Charlie says he can see Asha but he says he’ll tell his family that she’s OK first. Sam is with the family in reception, trying to make them sit down, as they speak no English. Adam tells Sam they’re Asian, not mentally retarded. Sam asks him what’s with him today, and they start arguing.

In the tunnel, Donald and Michael are covered in apile of soil. Donald thinks Michael’s dead until Michael speaks to him.

Sam comes up to Adam, and Adam says sorry for what he said. Sam asks why he won’t talk about his illness after he told him. Adam says it’s not easy. Sam says something which Adam takes to suggest that it’s easier if you’re gay. Sam says there are support systems to replace a family, which is why he should tell his family. He says they won’t desert him because it wasn’t his fault. Adam asks if they would have the right to desert him if it was his fault.

Donald radios to Graham, letting them know that they’re OK in the tunnel. A bailiff leads Josh and Penny into the tunnel, and Graham follows. Inside, Donald tries to clear the air pipe. He says the trees matter to him too, but in the end he thinks that human life matters more than anything.

Asha’s father asks her what happened, what she was doing there. She tells him that he doesn’t give her freedom, but Kenny shows her she can be what she wants.Kenny’s brother (Captain Howell) arrives. Max tells him there’s no hope for Kenny. Charlie tells him about Kenny’s donor card, and says it’s what Kenny wanted. Captain Howell says his mother has been upset enough by what Kenny does – he hasn’t spoken to her for years. He says she wouldn’t want Kenny’s body mutilated, and refuses permission for donation.

George tries to persuade Frank to stay and offers him rehab, but but he refuses help and says she only wants to help him to earn Brownie points with Max, now she knows who Frank is. She more or less gives him a choice between a bed on the ward and the police.

Michael says he loved Kenny and wishes Kenny loved him. He starts to lose consciousness as the rescuers get through the door.

George tells Max she can see how difficult Frank is. Sean asks Charlie about the case, saying he’s confused. Charlie tells him to tell the truth; he’s not on trial, they’re just trying tofind out what happened.

Max tells Asha that Kenny won’t pull through. She says she wants to see him. Her father walks out of the cubicle, upset that she can’t talk to him.

Sam tells Adam to tell his family, saying they won’t blame him. Adam says he didn’t get the virus from a transfusion but from the man he loved. Sam goes to help see to the patients. Captain Howell is blaming Michael for what happened to Kenny. Asha comes up to Michael. Michael says he loved Kenny; Asha says Kenny loved Michael and knew that Michael loved him. She tells Captain Howell that Kenny was happy.

Julia tells Donald it was a stupid, childish thing to do; he could have been killed. He wants to go and protest again; he says he hasn’t got much to lose. he says they’ve had twenty years of marriage and all they’ve got in common is an injured arm. Julia comes out into reception. She asks Graham to take her home, saying that Donald’s not coming.

Sam asks Adam if he wants to go for a drink. Adam jokingly says Sam’s not his type and they both laugh. Adam talks about his boyfriend and says he didn’t know what to do when he became ill. He says his family knew nothing, and when he found out he was ill, he decided: he hasn’t been with anyone since. Sam asks why Adam didn’t tell him all this sooner; Adam says it’s because of what he said a few weeks ago about Aids. Sam tells him not to listen to him.

Sean tells Duffy he’s more confused now. She tells him that both Max and Charlie have his interests at heart. She sees Josh and gives him some money, saying it’s not as much as he asked for but she wants it back soon. Penny sees her hand it over and asks Josh what it’s all about; he says he lent Duffy some cash the other day.

Sam says sorry to Amy for what he said earlier. Pam Wilson comes in, asking for Mark. Mark comes and they go out together. Sunny comments that you never know who’s going to end up with who.

Frank starts to walk out of reception but George tries to stop him. Max comes up. George tells Frank that he’s selfish, that there’s no-one in his world but himself. Max tells her to leave it. Frank says, “She’s right, Dad.” He says there’s no-one in his world but him; there never was. He tells everyone that Max only cares about himself, and goes, saying he’s going for good. Max says to George, “Kids, eh?”


– Asha Guptah, one of the tree protestors and also the youngest assistant bank manager in Holby, breaks a couple of ribs when falling twenty feet.

– Kenny Howell, falls down when trying to help Asha, hits his head so severely that he does not survive

– Michael, a young ecowarrior, breaks his arm when the tunnel he is in collapses

– Donald Mallett, an older man leading the protest, is also in the tunnel when it collapses

– Julia Mallett, Donald’s wife, gets knocked over when the start to move the people from the tree, breaks her arm

First Scene/words

[A tree protest is taking place outside Holby. There are people climbing in the trees and some are standing around a tree, singing songs.]

Last Scene/words

Frank is walking through the reception area.

George: Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Frank: Out. You said you can’t keep me here, so I’m discharging myself.

George: Oh, you really are the most selfish young man, is there anyone else in that world of yours except you?

Max: George, leave it.

Frank: No, no, she’s right dad.

Charlie: Dad?

Frank: There’s no one in this world of mine, there never was!

Max: Frank, not here.

Frank: Oh no, not here. Mustn’t embarrass you, ruin your prestige. Let me tell you something! This doctor here, my father, if I were you I wouldn’t let him touch you. He doesn’t care about you, the only thing he cares about is himself!

Charlie: Alright, alright, take it easy.

Frank: It’s okay, I’m going. Going for good.

Frank walks out of A&E, everyone that has been standing in reception listening to them starts talking again and George walks to where Max is.

Max: Kids, eh?

Notable Facts

– Parminder Nagra plays Asha Guptah

Review by Alison & Karin.

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